Read this eye-opening report by Judge Napolitano.  I would like to hear your thoughts. Tell me if you think the Constitution is in jeopardy in order to satisfy our cry for justice?

Summary: The U.S. dollar is in crisis. Trillions of currency units have been printed. Near-zero interest rates have done nothing to stimulate the economy. And now, up to 40 different countries are leaving the dollar. Federal Reserve members recently held a private meeting in Washington, D.C. to discuss a disruptive new “monetary technology” that—if implemented—could wipe out the savings of millions of Americans.

A cashless economy does have the benefit of eliminating the underground economy and preventing a banking crisis. A cashless economy also lays the foundation for the new age of Economic Totalitarianism that confronts us. As the article below states, “Considerations of their arguments have shown how governments can seize all economic power are destroy cash in the process eliminating all rights. Physical paper money provides the check against negative interest rates for if they become too great, people will simply withdraw their funds and hoard cash. Furthermore, paper currency allows for bank runs. Eliminate paper currency and what you end up with is the elimination of the ability to demand to withdraw funds from a bank.”

Jeanne Zaino and Flip Pidot on North Korea’s accusation that ‘a hideous terrorists’ group’ directed by CIA and South Korean spies plotted to assassinate dictator Kim Jong Un with a ‘biochemical substance’

I ask you to watch this entire video because the information is important for us to know. Right now I see the same thing going on in our country that he is speaking about. We need to be aware of this tactic so we can recognize it for what it is, a conspiracy to undermine the President and create unrest and rioting. KEEP IN MIND WHO IS BEHIND ALL OF THIS AND WHY HE WANTS TO CREATE CHAOS AND CIVIL UNREST.