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This video is very intense and discusses what many people in America do not want to face; the fall of a free nation.

So far, the President that we had high hopes for achieving great things (being the first Black President) has turned out to be great for the wrong reason.  He will be known from here on out as the President who betrayed the American People and gave us Fascism and One World Order.

(Full Length Documentary)

Published on Feb 25, 2013

America: Freedom to Fascism is a 2006 film by Aaron Russo, covering a variety of subjects, including: the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the income tax, Federal Reserve System, national ID cards (REAL ID Act), human-implanted RFID tags, Diebold electronic voting machines, globalization, Big Brother, taser weapons abuse, and the alleged use of terrorism by the government as a means to diminish the citizens’ rights.

America From Freedom To Fascism Full Movie

David Mclauchlan David Mclauchlan·118 videos           Video length is 1:37:42


LAStreetPreacher 1 week ago

Rockefeller is a criminal and destroyer of the United States Constitution.. Nobody intelligent and who fears God wants world government because they know it is contrary to our independent Republic that our founding fathers gave us. No Christian can go along with the New World Order of these Satanists.


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