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This report is an editorial on article on Obama’s Executive Order to spy on federal employees.

As you read  this post, keep in mind that my own website (CanWeBelieveIt.Info) has been shut down 6 times and my phone line (as recently as two months ago) is being tapped.

The ability of the President to monitor citizens who are plotting domestic attacks is one thing, but to continually spy on bloggers or journalists because he objects to what they report is a totally different thing all together.  It’s wrong, it’s illegal, and it is against the constitution.

The government’s overreach of power with Obama’s Executive Order — requiring Federal Employees to spy on each other to supposedly prevent another Wikileaks and spot people like Edward Snowden and Private Bradley Manning — has gone beyond the Constitution.

Apparently,” reporter’s question about the secret program has Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney ‘stumped’ during White House briefing.”  How could this questions be answered without exposing Obama’s true colors?  Obama thinks he is king and can do anything he deems necessary, which includes by-passing the Constitution if it gets in the way.

The program directs employees to report on co-workers’ habits, travel, financial difficulties and unusual work hours. The initiative asks federal government employees to spy on their co-workers, reporting to program agents on their unusual behaviors, strange attitudes, financial troubles and unprecedented travel — all indicators that a ‘high-risk’ person might be engaged in espionage or other leaking of secret materials in a way that might cause ‘harm to the United States.’

These same activities could be handled differently by using common sense instead of a demand made by Executive Order.  For example, directors over departments could simply request that people pay attention and report things that look outside of normal behavior. Instead, the “King” feels he must demand (by Executive Order) that people snoop on each other and tell on co-workers. Sounds to me like something out of WWII in Germany when people turned in Jews.

The October 2011 executive order from the president created a task force led by James Clapper and Eric Holder, which set guidelines for federal agencies…again, adding to the size of government and agencies.

According to a government’s Insider Threat Program, this comprehensive initiative stretches across 5 million security-cleared employees of all federal agencies and their contractors. In October 2011, President Obama issued the directive after Army Private Bradley Manning sent untold numbers of classified documents to the anti-secrecy WikiLeaks website.
If government wasn’t doing things morally wrong or illegal there wouldn’t be  whistle-blowers and the leaking of information.
Although the goal of “directing federal employees to rat out their co-workers, a program designed to spot former Bradley Mannings and Ed Snowdens, experts doubt whether the program is wise or effective”.  Notice that there is no mention of it being illegal or unconstitutional.
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