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cumberland_county_schoolIt’s no joke!  This really did happen a few days ago, right here in America!

A father decided to pick up his children after school by walking there instead of going by car.  When he walked into the office and asked for his children to be released from class, the father was told that school policy states parents must wait in a line of cars in front of the school (which could be as long as a thirty-five minute wait).  Because the father insisted that his children be released to him even with him being on foot, it was suggested that he stand in place in the line between two cars.

Sheriff Aytes told the man that school policy states children will only be released to parents who wait in that long line of cars.  The father, Jim Howe, chose to walk to the school instead of wasting time sitting in a long line of cars, but the school refused to release HIS own children to him.

The first video below shows Officer Avery Aytes arresting the father for being disruptive when he claimed the right for his children to be released to him–whether he was on foot or in a car.

I totally agree with this father.  It MUST be our right as parents to pick up our own children from school (accept when it is against court order).  In my opinion, the South Cumberland Elementary School is breaking the law by not releasing this parent’s children to him.  It appears that this sort of thing happens when the educational system is under a governmental agency.  As a result, parents seem to be slowly losing more of their rights as governmental agencies take more control over children.

Was a dad really arrested for picking up his kids from school?

By Glenn Beck at TheBlazeTV at

One of the top posts on TheBlaze today was the story of a Tennessee man who was arrested for disorderly conduct while trying to pick up his kids from school. The school had policy that parents had to wait in the car to get their kids, but Jim Howe skipped the line because he showed up on foot. When the school wouldn’t let the kids out, he got disruptive.

TheBlaze explains, “The new student pick-up policy, which reportedly started last week, says that parents can only pick up their children after 2 p.m. by waiting in a line of cars until everyone is released at 2:35 p.m. In this particular case, the parent was walking, so it wouldn’t make much sense to wait in the line of cars.”

Watch the incident unfold below:

“I’m with the dad,” Glenn said. “At least from what we know in this video.”

“It is imperative that we know our rights because the police state is, is pushing up against free people. And it is, it’s never been seen before in America. I have, I’ve never seen this. And you have to know what your rights are. But you also have do really be aware of what’s going on with our local police and Sheriff departments,” Glenn added.

Cumberland County Sheriff Butch Burgess told the local news station WATE-TV that South Cumberland Elementary School Resource Officer Avery Aytes was “only doing his job”, and that Burgess agreed with the father in principle and planned to review the school’s policy because of the traffic and safety issues caused by having a line of cars on the highway with parents waiting to get their kids.

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