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We live in days of transition and what Arizona has done is proof that this is true.  What is next in this transition?

Wow, this is fantastic… Arizona’s Senate just passed a bill legalizing gold and silver as legal money in a huge blow to the Federal Reserve and big government in general.

It’s time we move to a world where “debt as money” stops empowering people like Obama who want to enslave us to economic serfdom. Good job, Arizona Senate.

Do you support their stand for real money?

Arizona Senate Passes Bill Legalizing Gold and Silver as Legal Money
Arizona passes bill that would enable gold and silver to be used as currency, providing financial security for its citizens. …. Conservative Tribune

Is this the death of American Independence or is it a move to protect American sovereignty?

I’m sure Washington sees this as another building block toward transforming America?

Who will be winners and who will be losers?

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