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Idaho Governor Butch Otter signed legislation to nullify all future federal gun control. . . this is a perfect example of how we can fight Washington in a civilized manner (and peacefully for now), I F we we will just put our fingers to writing letters instead of just using our mouths.

You may appreciate reading this email from Senator Crapo on how this administration’s efforts to side-step the Constitution to further their liberal agenda and to ensure an accumulation of undue powers. It is time that the STATES step up and try to correct this situation in ways our Constitution allows. This means that people who live in a state (dah, that’s all of us) need to tell State Officials what we expect them to do and make enough noise so they cannot ignore us.

China Dominant Financial Center I receive this newsletter and have found it informative. You may want to subscribe as well.

We live in times that require a little bit of creativity in alternative homes. Here are some interesting ideas for you to consider.

Why China’s economy will topple and take the world down with it.