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Federal Government Against the Peopledon't_tread_on_me

The Bundy situation is the “Newest “example of the foundation being set for New World Order (NWO), which is nothing short of a takeover of our ability to raise our own food. The takeover of the Bundy’s Ranch is really about killing off farming and ranching in America so we will be forced to accept NWO Government in America supplying us our food.

RPT: Chinese Solar Company W/ Ties To Harry Reid’s Son Wants Bundy Land – Lou Dobbs

Although this story is a few weeks old, the impact of what happened is still relevant today. It shows the government can over-step their bounds but the people are NO LONGER going to quietly take it any more!  What they did shows why we ALL NEED TO STAND UP TO THE GOVERNMENT when rights are abused.

BUNDY RANCH: Sheriff Mack Calls out Glenn Beck!

Oklahoma Militia of 50,000 Stands Beside Bundy Ranch Against the Feds

Historic! Feds Forced to Surrender to American Citizens

RPT: Chinese Solar Company W/ Ties To Harry Reid’s Son Wants Bundy Land – Lou Dobbs

Bigger Than Bundy – Standoff Sets A Precedence Against Americans – Fox & Friends

Shocking New Video Of Destruction After Standoff At Bundy Ranch – The Kelly File

Political Cause Growing at Bundy Ranch

*It’s important that you watch this video, even though it is at the end of a lengthy list of videos on this topic.  However, this video is important to all Americans because it shows and explains many of the things that transpired that none of the other videos shown on this site cover.

Bundy Ranch – A Special Edition of AmmoNation

Published on Apr 25, 2014

The AmmoNation saw that this story was not being covered by the mainstream media so we packed up our gear and headed West to Bunkerville Nevada. We didn’t just report the story…we became part of it.




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