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American State of reported on Wednesday May 21,2014: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell from Kentucky wins his parties nomination to a sixth term in the Senate.

This NewsMax report sparked a discussion from readers that reflects American attitudes toward their elected officials (Republican, Democrat,or Independent). Also, it reflects the belief that we still live in a Democratic Republic.

A democracy is one where the government is directly chosen by the people (i.e., through elections); a Republic is one where government authority is derived through the will of the people. Thus, a Democratic Republic would be one where ultimate authority and power is derived from the citizens. …Yahoo Answers

Also watch  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

Why is it that “The America in which we think we live” no longer exists?  Unfortunately, America is slowly moving away from it’s Democratic Republic roots and is no longer the nation that we think it is. Personally, I find it difficult to accept this fact and refuse to live under any other type of government.  For this reason, I will not be quiet about the changes I see taking place in this nation. Neither will I let it happen without a concerted effort on my part to wake up people with the truth. Perhaps my efforts will help them find courage inside themselves to do the same.

As many Americans today, I still believe that “WE THE PEOPLE” can set America back on track if we will be more responsible with our vote.  I hope those of you who are aware of the problems we have with voting fraud will insist on protecting the sanctity of honest elections I hope you get out the word to those who still think their vote counts and ask them to join you in changing the situation.  Knowledge is the power you need to force change. Our government needs to know that we are aware of what they are doing and that status quo will no longer be acceptable!

Below are some of the 242 NewsMax report comments you might find interesting.  The comments I picked will likely reflect your own opinion. We welcome your comments as well so leave us your thoughts in the comment box below. However, you will need to register first to leave a comment. 

I must admit that I am somewhat mystified by the fact that semi conservatives do as well as they do. I only hope we can come together, conservatives and not so conservatives to do what is right for our country. A few more years of these demRats and all our freedom will be gone. At least for now, we can still vote.

I think you are delusional. We will lose are freedoms under McConnell almost as fast as under Reid. Don’t you understand how DC works? The establishment politicians are all the same, they just want us to think they are different. Explain how they shrunk gov’t and reformed spending during the Bush years? They only care about duping the public into electing them again, they aren’t there to fix any problems. Sorry, but 3rd party for me even if my candidates never win, at least I’ll be voting my principles.

Here, here. Can you believe these KENTUCKY IDIOTS who believe that they will get 80% of what they want using the 80/20 rule (or the lesser of evils rule) where you have these delusions that somehow these goofballs like McConnell are going to repeal OCare or stop Amnesty, our BIG TICKET ITEMS! They promise these things during the campaigns because they know the primary voters in Kentucky are dumber than ROCKS, but when it comes to actually taking action they use parliamentary tricks to make things go the other way and make themselves look innocent.

You IDIOTS in Kentucky, look how McConnell ruined the career of Marco Rubio, by throwing him into this “Gang of Eight” group so that he himself would not have to take any heat or take a stand on Amnesty. He took a perfectly good Conservative and ruined his political career just to protect his own seat of power, where he DOES NOTHING!!!!


Yes, Yes, fight among yourselves over nothing. McConnell is on the hot seat. If he lose the Dems can change more laws or stop GOP laws. No impeaching O. So, what you going to do. Throw him under the bus.

You must be spitting mad or perhaps a transplant from somewhere other than the US because you seem to be missing words here and there. None the less, you are mistaken. Everything Allessior said is true… sadly. Don’t be offended unless you are guilty of actually falling for what McConnell is feeding you. He is just as guilty as the rest of the entrenched Progressives that lie to get what they want from those that elect them. You guys did have a chance to make Kentucky one of the great states but you missed the boat and got back on the same sinking ship as before.

Amen. I lived in Kentucky (Louisville) for a short time and was miserable. The murder rate was among the highest in the nation, my car registration more than quadrupled, you name it. By the time I left, I was afraid to go out at night.

welcome to America under Obama I live in a town of less than 4000 and its the same way

Wrong. And that very philosophy that people will not vote if their candidate is EXACTLY what the Democraps are counting on.

In our system of government — a two party Congress — NUMBERS are all that count! That is why the independents who get elected have to identify with one party or another. Currently, they both caucus with the Democraps.

Change CAN happen. We CAN have a three or even a coalition government, but it will not happen with the way things are right now. I remember Ross Perot. I voted for him. And in so doing, I handed my vote to the Democrap.

Never again. I want my vote to count. We can wield more power as a large group of CONSERVATIVES over the GOP if we make our voices heard. That means WRITE LETTERS, let them know you are watching them.
Believe me, they DO pay attention to these things.
And that is exactly WHY we still don’t have amnesty.
The GOP wants to do it the right way.
The Democraps want to give them all a pass that says
“Y’all come on in! Let me give you a check!

Yeah, and you are just ONE of the losers who handed the Presidency BACK to Ovomit. This country’s political system is NOT set up for a viable 3rd party like in other countries. It is modeled after English Parliament where they have, hello? TWO PARTIES.

Go ahead and vote your conscience and principles. You can STILL do that, by the way, by voting GOP. Ovomit proved to EVERYONE in this country that change comes from within, and he “fundamentally changed the Democrap party” in only 4 relatively short years — moving them farther and farther hard left.

I just hope you are prepared for the Communist takeover of our country and destruction of our beloved Constitution!

Oh Henry, we are sure in a mess. Who knows what to do? I don’t! All I know is that we need someone who cares about something other than politics as usual. I would never vote for Mr. McConnell if anybody else ran, but it looks like we are either getting elections rigged, or we are dealing with a whole lot of idiots who think differently. Unfortunately, the idiots get to vote. What you gonna do? Pull a Ross Perot again?


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