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Remember when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Dem, NV) led his team of happy liberals to block filibuster votes? And do you also remember that this was something he would do a back flip on should the GOP retake control of the Senate.

Well, here it is months down the road and we see Harry, who is well-known for his lies, doing exactly what he was against. If it wasn’t so ridiculous, I might see some humor in it.

In 2013, Reid killed the filibuster rules, but now that his party is in the minority, he has managed to find new respect for the rule.  We know this because he recently claimed, “the filibuster is an indispensable tool of the minority.”

How easily Reid (in his arrogance) had the gall to take this option away from the GOP minority just 1 ½ years ago and then essentially demand it be given back to him now that the Democrats are in the minority.   I say, let them take their lumps just like the GOP had to endure.

Now that GOP’s vote on the Keystone Pipeline goes against Obama’s wishes and his strong-arming of  Democrats to vote against it, Reid attacks the current Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Rep, KY) for strong-arming the legislative process; specifically over how they supposedly limited amendment votes on the Keystone bill.  Funny how that works now that Reid is on the other end of power.

DO NOT FORGET THE UNAVOIDABLE FACT THAT IT WAS  MR. HYPOCRITICAL REID (PREVIOUSLY SENATE MAJORITY LEADER HARRY REID) WHO PERMITTED ONLY FIFTEEN AMENDMENT VOTES ON ALL LEGISLATION TAKEN UP BY THE SENATE DURING THE ENTIRE 2014 CALENDAR YEAR.  Compare Reid’s 15 to the Republicans record, who have surpassed that amount in just one week. Plus, there were 24 votes on amendments to the Keystone bill by itself.

In addition, there were new amendment votes held these past few days–which means there are 20 votes.  “That brings the total up to 40, on a single bill after deluded Harry Reid only allowed 15 all of last year.”

The important point we must remember is that lawmakers will do anything to keep themselves elected and maintain power and position.  Senator Harry Reid’s record of flipping on issues is not surprising anyone who has followed even a small piece of his career in the Senate. He’s been flipping on issues like this since the very beginning. Of course, Obama has done the exact same thing. Hum, who is taking the lead from who?

What do YOU think about all of this? Is Reid a hypocrite? How about other members of the Senate who have pulled moves like Senator Casey? Can anything be done about this problem? Why do we keep voting these back stabbers and flip floppers into office?

We know that Harry Reid is NOT the only hypocritical Senator in Congress (be Democrat or Republican).  We also know that there are a few who stand out in the crowd and cause waves (such as Cruz, Lee, Rand and others) who are not afraid to step up and do the right thing in Congress.  We know that there were more than 16 GOP members who stood up against John Boehner as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  They wanted someone who were not part of the old system.

It is true that Harry Reid is not the only unpopular leader because of their arrogance.  Mitch McConnell and John Boehner also have had trouble.  People have tried to get both leaders replaced because of their unwillingness to be the Conservative Party they used to be…rather than a run-of-the-mill politician.  The GOP Party has moved away from their Standard Republican values the past decade or so.

Tell the Leadership of the Party you support that you want the games to stop and do their jobs.  Tell them you expect them to do the will of the people–the reason they were elected.

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