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Why Israel’s coalition government is imploding

U.N. Official declares “1-STATE” a Nearing Reality for ISRAEL

What does this situation mean for the United States?  To the “End of Timers” it suggest that this is a sign of the Second Coming and the building of the third temple.

What Does One State Mean to Israel?

west_bank_gazaWikipedia Explaines the concepts behind “one state debate”

Since 1999, interest has been renewed in binationalism or a unitary democratic state. In that year the Palestinian activist Edward Said wrote:

“… after 50 years of Israeli history, classic Zionism has provided no solution to the Palestinian presence. I therefore see no other way than to begin now to speak about sharing the land that has thrust us together, sharing it in a truly democratic way with equal rights for all citizens.”[21]

Leftist journalists from Israel, such as Haim Hanegbi and Daniel Gavron, have called for the public to “face the facts” and accept the binational solution. On the Palestinian side, similar voices have been raised. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert argued, in a 2007 interview with the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, that without a two-state agreement Israel would face “a South African-style struggle for equal voting rights” in which case “Israel [would be] finished”.[24]

A poll conducted in 2010 by Israel Democracy Institute suggested that 15% of right-wing Jewish Israelis and 16% of left-wing Jewish Israelis support a binational state solution over a two states solution based ’67 lines. However, according to the same poll, 66% of Jewish Israelis preferred the two-state solution.[27]

In 2012, in an article in Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, Ahmed Qurei called for Palestinians to reconsider a one-state instead of a two-state solution. He stated that the “one-state solution, despite the endless problems it embraces, is one of the solutions that we should be contemplating through an internal dialogue.” He blamed Israel for “burying” or “decapitating” the two-state solution though the building of settlements.[28]

In 2013, professor Ian Lustick wrote in the New York Times that the “fantasy” of a two-state solution prevented people from working on solutions that might really work. Lustick argued that people who assume Israel will persist as a Zionist project should consider how quickly the Soviet, Pahlavi Iranian, apartheid South African, Baathist Iraqi and Yugoslavian states unraveled. Lustick concludes that while it may not arise without “painful stalemates”, a one-state solution may be a way to eventual Palestinian independence.[29]

Support for a one-state solution from the Israeli right

In recent years, some politicians and political commentators representing the right wing of Israeli politics have advocated annexing the West Bank and granting its Palestinian population Israeli citizenship while maintaining Israel’s current status as a Jewish state with recognized minorities.

Arguments for and against

Support among Israeli Jews, and Jews generally, for a one-state solution is very low.[4] Israelis see a one-state solution as a demographic threat that would overturn the prevailing Jewish majority within Israel.[34][35]

In favor

Proponents of a one-state solution argue that it ensures the equal rights of all ethnicities in the greater Israel and Palestine area (Israel, West Bank, Gaza), by abiding in the rights granted to all people found in the original Israeli Declaration of Independence.


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