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Upon pondering over recent newsletters from TeaParty.Org, a few questions emerged that seemed important enough for me to post for you to ponder as well.

QUESTION: Why is Islamic Socialists Obama hell bent on



1.   New World Order!  The United States is standing in the way of bringing about “One World Government” and supposedly Obama being the new potentate of power.

2.  “Obama dithers while America withers.”  By watching how President Obama responds to what’s happening in the Middle East, we can plainly see that he plans to bring down America any way he can – even if it means putting our national security (our sovereignty) in grave danger.

3.  Islam (ISIS) goal is to rule the world.  Obama’s actions have finally made it clear to me and to many others that we elected a Muslim (Islamic) President in the 2008 elections — not that being Muslim is a bad thing but being an enemy to America’s way of life IS very much a bad thing.

If Islam (ISIS) world rule becomes reality, we will witness more and more of what we presently going down in the Middle East … as Obama does nothing.   For example:

  • Beheadings,
  • torture of children,
  • burying alive thousands of freedom-loving citizens,
  • crucifying Christians,
  • burning Jews,
  • raping young girls and boys.
  • Another one of our own was just murdered in cold blood by ISIS–as Obama stands by and does nothing (Lip services is all he can muster and a weak, small-scale military response.)
  • Obama’s silence condones the actions of these savages! The helpless cannot fight back because their guns have been grabbed.  We would be helpless too if our weapons are taken from us.

 4.  Obama WILL crush America and cut us down to size, turning us into a third world nation!

The imperial king and his minions are doing all they can to transform America into the very nation he promised in his campaigns.  He said he would transform America and redistribute wealth. How do you think he planned to keep this promise if he didn’t make the changes he is trying to make with New World Order:

  • One government,
  • One law with U.N. enforcement,
  • One currency, and
  • One religion.
  • Most of us were really too naive to believe or understand what he meant.  Most could nor believe that Obama would be so bold or obvious about his plans to destroy America as we know it.

QUESTION:  Are you getting the picture? As mentioned in the beginning of this report, take a look at what Obama and his own shadow army are trying go do in the U.S.:

  1. Flood your neighborhood with illegal aliens and fill our streets with foreign criminals;
  2. Grab your guns, rendering you defenseless;
  3. Outlaw body armor to make you a helpless target;
  4. Rig elections and silence your vote;
  5. Regulate your health insurance and deny medical treatment.

None of this is a figment of the imagination.  Everything I’ve listed in this report is as real as it gets and it scares the heck out of me; it should also scare you as well.


Obama is pulling out all the stops and we must, too. Quite frankly, I’m not ready, nor will I EVER be ready, to be rounded up, persecuted and imprisoned like an animal, as an innocent member of society.

Help us let freedom ring again throughout the land. Please, can I count on you?

Remember, Obama’s flagrant abuse and reckless disregard of the Constitution is encouraging terrorists and criminals and creating a defacto shadow government. We must declare war on those who want to desecrate on our Constitution and eradicate our freedoms. Please sign your TEA PARTY WAR PLEDGE and donate to fund our continuing fight!

** Please forward this email to at least four of your friends and ask them to support our efforts. **

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