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Who did Hillary solicit money from while Secretary of State?  Tell me what you think, now that you know? Foreign governments gave millions to foundation while Clinton…while…state–dept/… The Washington Post Feb 25, 2015 – In some cases, the foundation said, foreign-government donations were part of … In a presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton would be likely to … just as we did when she served as Secretary of State,” the foundation said in a statement. … A 2010 State Department report on human rights in Algeria noted that  … Clinton Foundation received donations from foreign … – Hot Air…/clinton-foundation-received-donations-from-foreig… Hot Air Feb 26, 2015 – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might have had her last pleasant … The foundation did not, however, commit to rejecting foreign donations entirely, … donations from foreign governments both during and after Hillary  … Hillary Clinton’s Complex Corporate Ties – WSJ…/hillary-clintons-complex-corpor… The Wall […]

D’souza’s predictions for 2016 in a July of 2012 interview with radio host George Jarkesy interviewedabout his film “2016” not long after it was released.