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Gov Huckabee on State of the Race and Praises American Dream First woman commented said: “My Father fought for this country in the Army, this is a disgrace.” Second woman said: “This is right. You want to know why? F*** that flag.” Touch by these words, Gov Huckabee when asked by Megyn Kelly to comment, he responded with the sediments of most of those who have fought under that flag. Huckabee Slams Megyn Kelly! She Can Barely Speak! Huckabee Shut Her Down Like Donald Trump Jr. Did! Trump Jr. Only Person To Ever Out Talk Megyn Kelly! Just as a reminder to why people voted for Trump, listen to this discussion with CNN Anderson and Trump Jr., especially the end.

When Glenn Beck was forced out from Fox News, I noticed a huge change in their reporting, especially from Megyn Kelly. I noticed that Megyn Kelly frequently missed opportunities to go in for the kill in her interviews with those she would have done that to only months earlier. Time and again, I no longer believed Fox News was capable of reporting “Fair and Balanced News” the way I used to enjoy and so I stopped watching them because doing do just made me angry. See what I mean by these two videos. Published on Oct 25, 2016 That made my blood boil! She completely disrespected Newt when Newt had a much better argument! Kelly sounded like a little high school bitch! I watched her on Howard Stern talking about her tits and the size of her husband’s penis and believe me she is no innocent school girl. She got right […]

Below is a report I originally wrote on 7/7/2016 but then decided not to post it. After hearing the Democratic Convention this evening, I must remind you that Hillary is NOT the wonderful person they talked about tonight. The Democratic Party is telling Americans that the Trump we see running for President today, is the same greedy businessman who rippped off people and cares only about himself.  They say he is not a person who can be trusted and that he really does not care about the lowly people he claims to represent. We already know that Trump can be a chump, that he can run off at the mouth and say stupid things (which will come back to bite him), and we know that he is NOT the seasoned “talking heads” we heard speak tonight, but HE IS COMMITTED TO BEING A GOOD PRESIDENT; of that I have no doubt. Can Trump turn this country around? I […]

NY Times News reports today that the email dump on Friday that embarrassed Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz might have come from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Is Putin helping Donald Trump win the election?  That would be interesting if he is but it also begs the question “WHY?” would Putin want Hillary to lose and Trump win U.S. Elections.  Why would Putin get involved in our elections?  I will let you answer that question for yourself, but I think the answer is obvious. Reportedly, the Chairwoman’s emails indicate that Democratic Leadership had something to do with discrediting Bernie Sanders and led to Schultz’s  swift resignation announcement.  In addition, she had to step down from covering the Democratic Convention because of the booing coming from the floor. It is satisfying to hear that, at least one of many, Democrat’s Dirty Tricks is being exposed.…U.S. cybersecurity firms have found the DNC breach was done by the same […]

Why do you think this administration is bringing in plane loads of illegals and releasing illegals back into our communities, even those they know have been convicted of violent crimes? Only one thing makes sense, to stack the deck in an election in order to stay in power. Is this the America that citizens fought a civil war for or fought in foreign lands for–giving freedom to people living under tyranny? I SAY NO!