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11066562_922991427745707_3187861609618313793_nI just read a report by in Arizona about a private meeting between U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Former President Bill Clinton.

Watch the news report by clicking on the link;

The report was posted online by Christopher Sign at at 9:50 AM, Jun 29, 2016

According to various news reports, former President Bill Clinton and U.S. Attorney General Lorretta Lynch met on the tarmac and continued a private meeting on the plane for thirty minutes.
Reports state Former President Clinton was visiting the Phoenix area because of a speaking engagement with the Phoenix Police Department. and arrived to Sky Harbor Monday evening to depart.
Supposedly, if you believe in such a coincidental story, Clinton was notified that Lynch was arriving soon at the airport and so he waited for her arrival. Sounds like a good story to me but is it a believable one; not that Clintons care about being believable.
Consider that the unplanned meeting just happened to be thirty minutes in private in the plane she had arrived on. And consider that this meeting was amid the ongoing investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of emails and just hours before the Benghazi report was to be publicly released.

A coincidental meet?  Okay perhaps, but I expect it is more likely a strategy meeting to discuss how to handle the Benghazi report.

Lynch’s arrival in Phoenix was for a planned visit as part of her national tour to promote community policing near the same time and place as the Former President.

ABC15 reportedly asked Lynch about the meeting during her news conference at the Phoenix Police Department. Lynch said:”I did see President Clinton at the Phoenix airport as he was leaving and spoke to myself and my husband on the plane,”


The “private meeting comes as Lynch’s office is in charge of the ongoing investigation and potential charges involving Clinton’s email server” said Christopher Sign, a reporter from

Conveniently, this private meeting occurred hours before releasing the Benghazi report involving Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s administration. May I ask, “How convenient can it be”?  But of course, Lynch said the meeting was not about these topics. Surely, they do not really expect us to believe that do they?

Lynch claims the conversation was about grandchildren (this I do believe they discussed because grandparents always discuss grandchildren) and that it was primarily about their travels. She said he mentioned that he had played golf in Phoenix while at the Phoenix Police Department for a speaking engagement.


Of course Lynch also claimed that “There was no discussion on any matter pending before the Department or any matter pending with any other body, there was no discussion of Benghazi, no discussion of State Department emails, by way of example I would say it was current news of the day, the Brexit decision and what it would mean.”  Do you believe that is the truth?

Then I came across another report from Judicial Watch with a petition to submit demanding answers for this private meeting between Clinton and Lynch. See the information below, fill out the petition, and then send it.

Judicial Watch, Demand Answers?  Hillary IS NOT Above the Law!

Hillary Clinton is not above the law.

But Hillary Clinton has a demonstrated record of showing contempt for the rule of law.

  • She refused to tell the truth about the deadly Benghazi terrorist attack that took place on her watch as Secretary of State

  • She violated the law and avoided accountability by using secret email accounts as Secretary of State

  • She abused her public office to funnel money to personal accounts – much of which is now sloshing around her vanity “charity” that could be renamed “The Clinton Corruption Foundation.”

This is all unacceptable.

In this country our leaders are bound by the rule of law. She must be held accountable for her actions.

Sign the petition now to demand that Hillary Clinton answer for her corruption!

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