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“Alex Jones and Gary Heavin discuss Donald Trump’s refusal to comply with globalist plans as well as what they believe his next move has to be.”

Gary Heavin says: Trump is using his own money without support from his own party. The Republican Party needs to step up and do their part.”

Alex Jones responds to this statement by saying:  “They are in there sabotaging him. These “bleep” establishment Republicans [need to] support the party for a change; support us and our choice.”

Both agreed that we [the American People] will hold them accountable for what they are doing to America, to Trump, and to “The People Who Chose Him” in the Primaries.

When Trump said he would not accept money from others, he did not make it clear that was only for the Primaries. Now that he has enough delegates for the Republican Nomination, he expects full backing from the Party to win the election against Democrat Nominee Hillary Clinton.

Now that he won the Primaries and is the choice of the people, the Party has a problem coming up with money to support a Trump campaign. In my opinion, the problem is the Party has not made up their mind about choosing him at the convention; they just might nominate someone else. That, in itself, will cause a big problem for the party.

“The way Trump is raising money is deliberate” says Alex Jones, “because he could easily raise the money from donors like us that could give him 10 million in a week but he’s not doing that”. Maybe people are being threatened.

Personally, I believe this might be true…and I wonder if Trump has received threats. I know that Ross Perot (who was also very rich) was threatened at the peak of his Presidential campaign in 1992.

On the other hand, I doubt Trump will be threatened. I suspect that making him look stupid is enough to discredit him and prevent his candidacy from being taken seriously.  We know this must be Hillary’s plan because she frequently says, “Trump is not fit to be President.” We also know that she is NOT above making threats of harm or death to her competition, noting that those who go up against her disappear or turn up dead.

As a side note, this reminds me of Ross Perot’s run for President in 1992 but he backed out at the peak of his success because he was threatened.

At the very peak of his popularity, as the summer general election campaign got rolling, Perot dropped out. He didn’t return to the race until early October—claiming he’d been forced from the race by a blackmail plot involving his daughter, her impending marriage, and compromising photos—without enough time to run a full-scale national campaign.


For a crucial moment in the summer of ’92, Perot was the biggest story in American politics. For the better part of three months, he led all candidates—ahead of both Bill Clinton and incumbent President George H.W. Bush—and upended the conventional wisdom about the issues that American voters were concerned about…Read more:

These people are not above doing anything to win an election. For sure, Trump and his supports will be on Hillary radar if they think she might lose.

Heavin said that he was asked to be a Trump adviser, but even though he was unable to do that, he did meet for awhile with him…He said,” I’d give him a million dollars”.

Gary Heavin: “[Trump’s] a brilliant CEO. What that means is he gathers the smartest people around him and then he makes the final decision…with all the billions that could be raised, Trump has a 1/2 Billion, but he doesn’t need a half a billion because he has truth on his side.”

Okay, I’ve given you a sampling for the first five minutes of almost ten minutes of video. Perhaps you will be intrigued enough to watch the rest and form an opinion….and even share this post.

This is scary times for the future of America as a free nation.  If Hillary and her Liberal, Globalist members in government have their way, New World Order will be here this time next year. We have to support Trump and take back America from the Progressive Globalists who want to destroy the America that we know and love.

New World Order takes power away from “The People” and gives it to the “elitists” few who make world decisions. This IS NOT THE AMERICA OR THE KIND OF WORLD I WISH TO SEE COME TO PASS.  Do you agree? If you do, then help us get out the word so people understand what’s at stake in this election.

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