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I am posting this video for those who did not see it on Facebook.

It does not matter what reasoning you use to say it’s okay for Obama to talk about America in public this way (or excuse that he said it to a group outside of the country), the fact that he thinks it and says it out loud is a BIG problem.  

The video not only shows Obama’s arrogance but his lack of respect for the “American Way of Life” and the” American People”.   

Video Below Contains the Full Speech.

(Full Speech)

Obama is unbelievable! And if he feels this way, it stands to reason others (i.e. Hillary?) feel the same way as well. It also makes sense that this is why Washington is so bent on confiscating guns … Can you say, “Welcome New World Order”?  

My comments expand on what most people are saying on Facebook.  “It’s one thing for Obama to arrogantly talk about his feelings toward his constituents (because he cares little about their opinion) but it’s another when he doesn’t care how he makes America and her voters look to other nations.”

Knowing what Obama said about America does not matter much; it didn’t change a anything inside America, as far as how he carries out our business. Yes, it probably did change how America looks to other countries and will likely affect future dealings with them.

However, what DOES matter to American Voters is Obama’s rhetoric on policies they care about entitlements (entitlements and free services). This Administration wants people to be dependent on government subsidies and entitlements to ensure staying in office. Obama’s Administration is creating a society of LAZY, DEMANDING, SELF-SERVING IDIOTS WHO ONLY VOTE FOR CANDIDATES OR THE PARTY SO THEY CAN GET THE FREE SERVICES THEY EXPECT. (12 signs America is on the decline, by Jill Hamburg Coplan, July 20, 2015) < writes: “When it comes to a few key indicators, Ireland, the UK, Canada and even Albania and Greece are surpassing America. America is declining, in large and important measures, yet policymakers are not paying attention.”

Consider this:

*America’s child poverty levels are worse than in any developed country anywhere, including Greece, devastated by a euro crisis, and eastern European nations such as Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.

*Median adult wealth in the US ($39,000) is 27th globally, putting it behind Cyprus, Taiwan, and Ireland.

*Even when “life satisfaction” is measured, America ranks #12, behind Israel, Sweden and Australia.

*Overall, America’s per capita wealth, health and education measures are mediocre for a highly industrialized nation. Well-being metrics, perceptions of corruption, quality and cost of basic services, are sliding, too. Healthcare and education spending are funding bloated administrations even while human outcomes sink, the authors say.

The truth is policymakers are paying attention because it is by their personal design that America is declining…preparing her for what is to come. Their goal is to create a condition that will cause people to accept what New World Order offers them when they unleash a cyclone of stresses that will send America into a tailspin.

Unwilling policymakers who have a conscience and love of nation are being neutered by ranking members in Congress and the Executive Branch bent on making America weak. The policymaker in charge is Obama going around Congress with Executive Orders to carry out his plan; to usher in New World Order before he leaves office. 

What Obama said in front of cameras came from arrogance knowing New World Order is close at hand. The smirk on his face came from knowing something the audience doesn’t know: that the whole thing is about to happen because of his work, of which he is very proud.

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