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Return America to the People

The Republican Convention is interesting and I am greatly enjoying it.  Never before have I listened to a Convention but I am now because there is so much is at stake.

The main theme I hear from the speakers are the same things that are important to me:

  • I want somebody who will make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN
  • I want somebody who will unite Americans after a decade of divisiveness
  • I want somebody who will inspire Americans to again adhere to family values
  • I want Leaders who have Integrity
  • I want “Love of God ” to rule this Nation again
  • I want Hope” for a Better Future
  • I want to Protect our Borders” (keeping enemies out)
  • I want somebody who will Restore Law and Order
    (the level of lawlessness in this nation is downright scary)
  • I want somebody who will Bring Back Businesses to America
  • I want somebody who will Restore Industry and Production
  • I want somebody to Restore America’s state of Self-reliance
  • I want somebody to Restore People’s Trust in Government

What I hear from Trump is “people want safe neighborhoods, secure borders, and protection from terrorism.”

WOW, this is what I also want! Unfortunately, these concepts are foreign to us these days, even to me! Until I heard Trump speak today, I had not realized how far “left” we’ve moved as a nation. It’s time that we go back to the principles on which our nation was founded, those values that make our nation good, and that align us with greatness in the world again!

Trump is right: The problems we face are Poverty and Violence at home and War and Destruction abroad.  Also, he is right when saying this will last only as long as we continue relying on the same politicians who created them in the first place.”

Trump’s vision for America

A change in leadership is required to produce a change in outcomes. Our plan will put America First and we will be a country of generosity and warmth…We will be a country of Law and Order.

» This convention is coming at time of crisis.  The attacks on our police and the terrorism of our cities threaten our very way of life. Any politician who does not grasp this danger is NOT fit to lead our country.”

»Trump says: “I have a message for you. The crime and violence that afflict this nation will soon come to an end.” As 2017 [begins], safety will be restored.

»The most basic duty of government is to defend the lives of it’s own citizens. Any government that fails to do so is a government unworthy to lead. It is finally time for a straightforward assessment of “The State of Our Nation”.

These are the facts

  • Decades of progress made in bringing down crime are now being reversed by this administration’s rollback of criminal enforcement.  Crime last year increased by 17% in America’s fifty largest cities. That’s the largest increase in 25 years.”
  • “In our nation’s capitol, killings have risen by fifty percent…up by nearly 60% in nearby Baltimore. In the President’s home town of Chicago, more than 2,000 people have been the victim of shootings this year alone and almost 4,000 have been killed since he took office.”
  • “The number of Police Officers killed in the line of duty has risen by almost 50% compared to this point last year. Nearly 180,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records, ordered deported from our country are tonight, roaming free to threaten peaceful citizens.”
  • “The number of new illegal families who have crossed the border this year already exceeds the entire total from 2015. They are being released by the ten of thousands into our communities with no regard for the impact on public safety or resources…sacrificed on the alter of open borders.”
  • Beginning January 20th, 2017, safety will be restored.

 “What about our economy?

»Again, I will tell you the plain facts that have been edited out of your nightly news and your morning newspaper:
»Nearly 4 in 10 African/American children are living in poverty
»While 58% of African/American youth are now not employed.
»2 million more Latinos are in poverty today then when President Obama took his oath of office less than eight years ago,
»Another 14 million people have left the workforce entirely.
»Household incomes are down more than $4,000 since the year 2000; that’s sixteen years ago.
»Our trade deficit in goods reached, is $800 Billion last year alone; we’re going to fix that.
»The budget is no better: President Obama has almost doubled our National Debt to $19 Trillion in debt and growing. What do we have to show for it?
»Our roads and bridges are falling apart, our airports are third world condition, and 43 million Americans are on Food Stamps.
By the way, FACTS CHECK verifies these numbers.

Let us consider our State of Affairs Abroad.

Not only have our citizens endured domestic disasters but they’ve lived through International humiliation one after another.
We all remember the images of our sailors being forced on their knees at gun point. This was just prior to signing of the Iran deal; which gave back to Iran, $150 Billion and gave us absolutely nothing.  It will go down in history as one of the worst deals EVER negotiated.
*Another humiliation came when President Obama drew a red line in Syria and the whole world knew it meant “absolutely nothing”.
*In Libya, our Consulate (the symbol of American Prestige) was brought down in flames. America is far less safe, and the world is far less stable than when Obama made the decision to put Hillary Clinton in charge of America’s foreign policy. I am certain that this decision is one President Obama truly regrets.
*Something Bernie Sanders pointed out, [Hillary’s] bad instincts and her bad judgement are what caused so many of the disasters unfolding today.”

The world before Hillary

Let’s review the record: As Secretary of State, what has Hillary done for America?

According to trump:

  • “In 2009, ISIS was not even on the map
  • Libya was stable
  • Egypt was peaceful
  • Iraq was seeing a big reduction in violence
  • Iran was being chocked by sanctions
  • Syria was somewhat under control”

The world after four years of Hillary

According to Mr. Trump:

  • “ISIS has spread across the region and the entire world.
  • Libya is in ruins and our ambassador and staff were left helpless to die at the hands of savage killers.
  • Egypt was turned over to the radical Muslim Brotherhood (forcing the military to retake control).
  • Iraq is in chaos.
  • Iran is on the path to nuclear weapons.
  • Syria is engulfed in civil war and a refugee crisis now threatens the West.
  • After fifteen years of wars in the Middle East, after trillions of dollars spent, and thousands of lives lost, the situation is worse than it has ever been before.
  • The legacy left to America now is death, destruction, terrorism, and weakness.”

Trumps Plan A change in leadership 

It’s the only way to change outcomes.

The difference between our opponent’s plan and our plan is we will put America first.  Americanism not Globalism is our credo!

What is his plan, we just named everything he plans to change! However, getting more specific will just leave him wide open for attacks.  Besides, why would he be stupid enough to tell Democrats how to fix America (which is nothing they didn’t already know) when they’ve had their chance?

I remember when George Deukmejian ran for Governor of California, the Democrats were trying to get him to divulge his plans for California.  He said, look you’ve had your chance and your failing miserably.  I am NOT going to tell you how I’m going to fix it until I am elected.

Isn’t this the same situation is in play now? Isn’t that why the media keeps saying Trump doesn’t have a plan? Why would he tell us more than he has already?  If he says anything more specific, it only gives the media ammunition to manipulate the truth or to use against him.

He has told us enough to know what he plans to change and why? The media doesn’t need to know anything more. The Democrats have had their turn and they ruined America, as Trump’s facts prove.  Now it is time for somebody else. NOBODY is saying what Trump is saying and that is why the PEOPLE are behind him.  He wants what most of America wants.  That’s why the movement.

Did you hear that they had 60% more viewers for this convention than last time?  WHY?  Trump and Pence are getting support from Christians, Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Democrats, and Independents.  There is a reason for why this is happening: Trump and Pence’s message rings true for Americans who are fed up with the direction this nation is moving.


  • Make America Great Again – Meaning America is respected by the world again.
  • Make America the Warm and Caring Nation it used to be, where people can be legally welcomed.
  • Make America a true Democracy; where our vote counts, where the President and his administration listen to the American People, where there is NO elitists who are above the law.
  • Make America safe again; where we no longer see our children innocently being gunned down in the street; where police are targeted and murdered; where lawlessness is ignored.
  • Make America a nation people can be proud of again.
  • Make America a nation who loves God, understanding their roots come from people looking for religious freedom and created a Constitution to protect our God-given rights to live free( and in peace) without interference from government.


Which Presidential Candidate wants what we want?

Should we elect for President a lawless and self-absorbed woman who thinks we should elect the first female president, or elect a person who has the same vision for America that most of Americans possess? Of course, this question begs the question “Do we really POTUS or will the elections be rigged (hijacked) again?

NOTE: Why do you think this Administration is bringing in plane loads of illegals, why America has sanctuary cities for illegals, why illegals are released again and again, and why illegals are given drivers licenses? The answer: Democrats are stacking the deck with illegal voters so they can stay in power. Is this the America that you want? Is this the America our soldiers died for? Is this the America you want for your children?

If your answer to these question is “NO” then our only choice is to vote TRUMP… any other name marked on the ballet is a vote for Hillary. How does voting your conscience and giving it to Hillary fair in your thinking? If you DO NOT INTEND ON VOTING FOR HILLARY THEN VOTE FOR TRUMP. Voting for some other Republican is ABSOLUTELY a vote for HILLARY. being defiant and voting against Trump gets you nothing that you want, but it DOES get you Hillary.

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