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Below is a report I originally wrote on 7/7/2016 but then decided not to post it. After hearing the Democratic Convention this evening, I must remind you that Hillary is NOT the wonderful person they talked about tonight.

The Democratic Party is telling Americans that the Trump we see running for President today, is the same greedy businessman who rippped off people and cares only about himself.  They say he is not a person who can be trusted and that he really does not care about the lowly people he claims to represent.

We already know that Trump can be a chump, that he can run off at the mouth and say stupid things (which will come back to bite him), and we know that he is NOT the seasoned “talking heads” we heard speak tonight, but HE IS COMMITTED TO BEING A GOOD PRESIDENT; of that I have no doubt.

Can Trump turn this country around? I don’t know, but I believe (as many Americans do) that he will do better than the Democrats.

Did you catch the Democrat Spin on the Republican Convention? They claim it was fear based. Of course it was; these are the very things that worry Americans and the reason Trump is a movement that people are anxious to join!

Under Democrat Administration for the past decade, we have all but done away with manufacturing, industry, production of oil and coal, and have chased away from the U.S. many small and some large businesses; we could go on and on and on and on……..?

Who do Democrats blame for no jobs, for low income, for an increase in crime, for an increase of people on welfare and food stamps, for frustrated people who have given up on getting a job, and for low income people who work hard but can’t live on their income? Surprise…They blame the Republicans! Just remember who had the majority in Congress and who was in the White House for the past twelve years (counting Bush’s lame duck 4 years in his last term with a Democrat controlled Congress).

The problem with Democrat leadership is that they live with their head in the clouds and think about things like loving everybody, taking care of everybody, breathing clean air, dealing with a warming planet, and la la la la la. There’s nothing wrong with having these concerns but what do they know about trade, industry, manufacturing, mining, business, economic growth, and everything else that makes a nation prosper? These are things that Trump knows well.

The Democrats talk about Trump being a greedy crook who hates Immigrants (only illegals with violent records that keep getting released back into our neighborhoods to kill, rape, and loot again); Blacks (only thugs who loot, kill, and vandalize for fun); Mexicans (only illegals who come into our country when we know nothing about them); Muslims (only those who have not been vetted so we don’t know if they have been radicalized and want to kill Americans); Jews (not sure what that is about); Gay and Lesbians (only when they want special treatment such as male transgenders wanting access to women’s restrooms and showers); Women (he has a problem with those who indiscriminately abort their babies, and so do I); and supposedly, he has a problem with working moms (I suspect that means mothers who would rather work than take responsibility for the care of their children).

Now I Want to Know

What do Democrats say about the Clintons when they left office and took thousands of dollars worth of “The People’s Property” and the White House was vandalized. Where is their respect for the office and the people’s house?

What do Democrats say about protecting the Benghazi Consulate (which is technically American soil), and getting the Ambassador and his staff out safely when requested it several times)? She said it was NOT her job. Excuse me, but as Secretary of State it WAS her job.

What do Democrats say about Hillary abusing her position as Secretary of State by taking money from foreigners and foreign nations while employed by President Obama as the Secretary of State. The President asked her to sign an agreement that she would not compromise him or possibly her own Presidency in the future by accepting donations. He was concerned that donations could subject him or herself to coercion in order to get close to POTUS?  Her signature on that agreement must not have meant much because she continued to take donations.

What do Democrats say about Hillary showing Russian President Vladimir Putin our stockpile of arms and nuclear weapons – even those that Great Britain had given to us and did not want any one to know (and they were very upset about it)? At the time, I did not care about the reason, what I cared about was showing secret weaponry to the enemy.

What do Democrats say about Hillary’s lies regarding important matters? If Hillary has no problem lying about her emails, lying about the 4 murders in Benghazi, lying about everything that matters if it does not make her look good, then HOW CAN WE TRUST HER TO HANDLE AMERICA’S REPUTATION AND HONOR AROUND THE WORLD?

We MUST NOT LET CORRUPT AND IRRESPONSIBLE Hillary get in the White House as President! That can happen if you VOTE for any one other than Trump. A vote for someone else is a vote for Hillary and puts her closer to winning the election.

Let us NOT forget that she and other progressives expect to take away our weapons to usher in New World Order: which means suspending the Constitution, suspending Congress, and suspending our laws and put us under International Law that will be enforced by the United Nations.  Shouldn’t this concern conscientious Americans? If this was not the plan then why did V.P. Biden say the next thing to do is bring about New World Order?  

My original post from 7/7/2016 is as follows: Laws Are For Peasants



Careless but not criminal. So, if she is not criminally guilty then perhaps, at the very least, she’s guilty of “Bad Judgement” and “Arrogance”?

“Hillary insisted more than once that she did not email classified material on her email server, but the FBI tagged 113 emails that went through Clinton’s server that had classified materials; some of those were TOP SECRETE.

Also, contrary to her claim, she DID NOT turn over all her emails TO THE FBI that could be work related and part of their investigation “Comey said that several thousand could be work related but were NOT turned over.” (KIRO 7 News, Washington).

I guess it is up to the American Voters to punish Hillary at the polls, because it doesn’t seem to be coming from anywhere else; but will we do it with with a vote for Trump?

Are the American People so jaded by all the corruption in government that we no longer expect integrity from our leaders?

Is Hillary correct in believing that she is “above the law”, that the “peasants are stupid”, and that they will believe anything she says?


FBI Director Comey did not back down when questioned by Congress about Hillary’s handling of emails. He said she was “EXTREMELY CARELESS IN HER HANDLING OF SENSITIVE MATERIALS.”


No prosecutor will take on a second case in a hundred years for ‘GROSS NEGLIGENCE’.

K5 News (Washington) reports tonight: “The US State Department has reopened their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. They announced tonight that they are going to conduct an internal review of Clinton and her top aids. The toughest penalty would be pulling security clearances. It comes hours after James Comey was grilled for five hours by a House Panel for not recommending criminal charges against Clinton.”

Donald Trump said:  “Enemies to the United States could easily have blackmail material on Hillary that can be used if she becomes President. All the more reason why she should not and cannot become President of the United States of America. “General Patraeus got in trouble for far less.”

FBI Director Comey said: Clinton and her aids were extremely careless in her handling of sensitive, highly classified information…“Any reasonable person in Secretary Clinton’s position should have know that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation”.

Attorney General Lortta Lynch said: She would accept the FBI’s findings.

Congress | Clinton Email Investigation Timeline

Referring to Clinton’s email scandal, he says, “If a career civil servant had a server … In fact, the actdoes require emails to be turned over if they are work-related. … “more than one [Congressional] committee is interested in Hillary’s emails, …

And then Hillary has the bad judgement to say things like this: “Donald Trump is simply unqualified and temperamentally unfit to be our President, and Commander and Chief.” Who is UNFIT? I didn’t really hear her say that did I?

KIRO 7 NEWS (Washington) said: Clinton’s emails may be over in the eyes of the Justice System, with Attorney General Loretta Lynch saying she would accept the FBI’s findings, but Clinton may have a tougher go in the “Court of Public Opinion”. At least someone on Clinton’s staff gets it: a Campaign spokesman reiterated that “it was a mistake for Clinton to use a personal email server.”

A mistake?  It isn’t enough for the Justice System not to find CLINTON criminally guilty but, at the very least, it should be acknowledged that what she did was a betrayal to the American People…  trust of the government and the American people.

She didn’t even get a slap on the wrist for what she did. What a system; “It is what it is” but I would NOT change it for any other form of government, as imperfect as it is that’s for sure.


Read Carly  Fiorina’s comments about Clinton’s Emails

Rand Paul was pissed when he heard the Hillary Clinton non-indictment announcement and just issued THIS statement. He is asking the same questions we all are right now. It is good to know others see this for what it is… a complete debacle!


People are basically saying the same things that many of us are saying. 

People cannot imagine how anyone with even a little bit of brains could vote for someone to become president who is more than a LIAR, she is completely corrupt! In la later report, you will see how she has taken money from foreign nations (supposedly for The Clintons philanthropic project) that leaves her vulnerable to bribes (or worse) as President.

Knowing the Hillary we see before us now SHOULD BE A NEON LIGHT to Freedom Loving People (who are Democrats and Republicans).  This should be enough to tell us us that we should not elect a person like her.

Hillary does not seem to appreciate the sensitivity of government emails or understand that she is putting the safety of Americans in jeopardy (especially those serving abroad in the military).

Hillary does not seem to understand that she was compromising our nation to unscrupulous people and compromising situations. She is so brazen about it that she doesn’t even try to hide it, she just blames Republicans for trying to make her look bad in an election year.  It’s the same old blame somebody else game for her bad decisions.

Most of us can see that people will vote for her as long as she promises to continue, as long as this woman promises the “gravy train” will keep pumping out all the “free stuff” they are getting now, and more, they will vote for her because they don’t know better. The problem is “Millenials” are new to this and so they don’t know who and what she is.

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