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Gov Huckabee on State of the Race and Praises American Dream First woman commented said: “My Father fought for this country in the Army, this is a disgrace.” Second woman said: “This is right. You want to know why? F*** that flag.” Touch by these words, Gov Huckabee when asked by Megyn Kelly to comment, he responded with the sediments of most of those who have fought under that flag. Huckabee Slams Megyn Kelly! She Can Barely Speak! Huckabee Shut Her Down Like Donald Trump Jr. Did! Trump Jr. Only Person To Ever Out Talk Megyn Kelly! Just as a reminder to why people voted for Trump, listen to this discussion with CNN Anderson and Trump Jr., especially the end.

When Glenn Beck was forced out from Fox News, I noticed a huge change in their reporting, especially from Megyn Kelly. I noticed that Megyn Kelly frequently missed opportunities to go in for the kill in her interviews with those she would have done that to only months earlier. Time and again, I no longer believed Fox News was capable of reporting “Fair and Balanced News” the way I used to enjoy and so I stopped watching them because doing do just made me angry. See what I mean by these two videos. Published on Oct 25, 2016 That made my blood boil! She completely disrespected Newt when Newt had a much better argument! Kelly sounded like a little high school bitch! I watched her on Howard Stern talking about her tits and the size of her husband’s penis and believe me she is no innocent school girl. She got right […]