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The transition of America is certainly in the news today!


America has a new President.

What will a Trump presidency mean to most Americans? Some of us are concerned and worry about the future, others are hopeful and feel proud of their nation again.

The campaigning was tumultuous and aroused strong feelings on all sides of the fence; to make a better America for the future became “marching orders” for Mr. Trump and his followers.

Have you noticed that even people and leadership from other nations ask questions about who you will vote for?  On social media, they join in on the rhetoric and express their own worries and concerns about the direction America is heading. Now that the election is over and we have a new leader, it will be interesting to see how opinions and concerns evolve.

Unfortunately, the gala atmosphere at the inauguration and ball reported by the media is marred by the stench of racism claims and disparity about the way Trump supposedly treats women.

School children are expressing worry, fear, and concern about what they perceive as hatred and divisive attitudes among whites, blacks, Mexicans, and Muslims. This is not the America that we want our children to inherit from us. However,  because of exposure to their parent’s, teacher’s, and friend’s points of view and attitudes, this is what they have on their minds this election and perhaps through the presidency.

People say there is more racism and fear now than we have had over the past thirty years. Others say that racism became foremost during Obama’s presidential campaign and presidency. Without getting specific here, this is not the time, it is enough to point to racism cases in the news under Eric Holder (who served as the 82nd Attorney General of the United States, from 2009 to 2015) and Obama’s leadership.  Whatever responsibility for racism arises now from Trump and his administration will be on his shoulders and ours; let us not be personally responsible for it either.

Perhaps what is being interpreted as racism from Trump is his stance on taking control of unlawful/illegal immigration from Mexico without the ability to do proper vetting first.  It is the same problem with Muslim immigration and the huge numbers entering our country without getting enough vetting. With our nation and countries around the world being targets for Muslim terrorism, it is only natural for people to be alerted by uncontrolled and weak vetting of immigration from terrorist nations.

The fear is that people are being allowed to enter without the degree of vetting expected to make sure there are no terrorist connections; of this point there should be no disagreement. Personally, I believe this situation has been gravely overlooked by the reporting media and thus, in this way they too are responsible for the racism problem.

What we need now is to turn the page and become the America that people want to believe in and to trust their leaders; they want government to do the right thing for America, and to not be so beholden to special interest groups and their self-promoting goals. We want a Congress that WORKS FOR THE PEOPLE, a POTUS who believes in the law and in protecting the Constitution.

Americans are moving back to God and that’s a problem when the people are divisive, hateful, and demeaning of other’s religious beliefs and values. It also is a problem when the progressive goals are moving towards One World Order, One World Government, and One World Religion (thus, the battle has begun for that religion to be atheists, Muslim, Jew, or Christian).

More Americans are wanting to live in a society that respects God because they know it is these standards that make a healthy and great nation.  The result is people crying out for a return to the principles that made America great and again become a people respected by the world.

The belief that many of the problems society faces today are the result of disobedience to God’s Laws, to Society’s Laws, to Universal Laws, and to creating healthy bar-codes. (Bar-codes is explained in the book: The Treasure Box Series, Volume I: Peace, Joy, and Happiness (author Judith L. Sherman); it can be found on

Believing that society has a problem with obeying God’s laws is something you can personally accept or not, but it will not change a thing: “It is what it is”.

We can choose to go with or against God’s Laws, Society’s Laws, Universal Laws and Laws of Physics; being in compliance reaps rewards. What we choose has an affect on those around us and those in our inner circle of association. This circle of influence is where change begins and will be the core of where this nation goes in the future. If we believe this and do our part to make a difference around us racism, hatred, and corruption will become a thing of the past.

Let us unite together as Americans and rid ourselves of the labels that divide us: Christians, atheists, liberals, conservatives, women’s rights, Gay and Lesbians and their rights, Republicans and Democrats, Mexicans, Latinos, Blacks, Whites, Muslims, Jews, Mormons, rich, poor, homeless. Only then will we begin to respect ourselves and each other. Only then can we get past what divides us so we can become the America we once enjoyed.

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