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The Book: Urban Survival

I don’t know how you feel about the security of this nation, if you are concerned about some event that could put the United States in a state of chaos and lawlessness, if you feel a necessity to store food, water, and supplies, then you need to read this book.  I ordered it tonight after watching a promo on the link shown below.  I suggest you use this link and watch the promo also and order the book too if you think it has merit,

Look, truth is we do not know what is in store for our future and what could cause chaos to take over the rule of law in America, but I believe there is so much super good information in it that can be beneficial to you in any state of calm or chaos.  I have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PROMOTION OF THIS BOOK AND I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE AUTHOR, but after watching the full promo, my husband said “We can afford $37 dollars so order it.


The Book: Visions of Glory as Told By John Pontius

In addition to this, you might enjoy the book I am reading a book right now. It was written in 2011 by a man high up in the LDS church who tells about a vision he had about chaos in America.  It is a superb book for LDS people or for religious people who have a strong belief in Christ, in His second coming, and in upheaval taking place in the United States.

I would strongly advise those of you who have strong beliefs in Christ’s Second Coming, belief in miracles and visions, and that chaos in America can take place at any time and a collapse in government and society for whatever reason should read this book.  It’s on Amazon Kindle; Visions of Glory as told by John Pontius.  I just ask you to respect the spiritual nature of the book and to take what you read and apply it to what you believe.


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