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I started a report on this topic several months ago but, because of health issues, I did not finish. I considered not posting this information at all because of the number of months that have passed but I decided to let you decide what to do with this information.

Doug Casey, the man who predicted that Trump would win the 2017 Presidency, also predicts a change in our economic system. Doug Casey is a libertarian philosopher and multi-millionaire speculator, who recently (in the past several months) predicts the U.S. dollar is facing a change. In fact, a controversial new law the Federal Reserve may enact replaces the dollar as world currency with something like a bitcoin.

The reports states: “In fact, according to my source, Fed members just wrapped up a special ‘behind-closed-doors’ meeting to discuss one of the most dramatic changes to the U.S. dollar in the last 100 years.”

In fact, it is a change that will affect how we spend, save, and earn what we call money (income). It will “transform the very nature of ‘money’ itself”. Could this mean a drastic change that will translate into chaos and economic upheaval? Time will tell but, in any case, we should have a plan for dealing with the possibility of such a change.


Doug Casey is one of the most connected men in the financial world:

“He’s debated presidential candidates… He’s met with (and spoke at the same national conference as) former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan… And he’s also been invited by the leaders of twelve different countries to discuss monetary reform. Some even credit Casey with introducing the concept of “economic citizenship,” where individuals can become citizens of a country simply by making an investment.”

In the interview that follows, you’ll hear Casey’s strong warning to Americans regarding the consequences of a new potential money plan by the Fed that could start in the next 6 months.

Below is a video interview with Casey that discusses the four steps he’s personally taking today to prepare himself and protect his savings. As you watch the video, keep in mind that the intent is MORE THAN informing you but to sell you a book and information.

I am interested in hearing from you about your thoughts, ideas, and plans for mitigating this world currency threat to personal income and lifestyle.

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