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On  During the national anthem protests the entire Pittsburgh Steelers team, save for one brave player, hid in the locker room to avoid the issue. ‘According to reports, the backlash from fans was so brutal that the Steelers have declared they will participate in the next national anthem, 100 percent.”

The Steelers claim they remained in the locker room during the anthem to avoid controversy. Some of the players planned to take a knee during the national anthem so it was decided that everyone should stay in the locker room during the anthem to show unity. However, one player, Alejandro Villanueva, could not continue hiding in the shadows and decided to stand for the anthem in the tunnels.

Was Alejandro Villanueva action enough to receive approval from fans and restore their adoration?  Is it enough to satisfy you? Did his action receive approval from his team? NO! What it did was draw anger from the coach and his teammates, forcing him to apologize for throwing his team “under the bus” after being rebuked by his coach.     

      “Christain News Alerts reported that one fan, Robert L. Williams, was so enraged by the disrespect from his team that he burnt his Steelers memorabilia in a YouTube video, declaring he’d never go to another game.”

      “Susan Moedinger, owner of the Steelers merchandise store Steel City Sports, said the outrage from fans was immense. On Monday her store received a stream of calls and posts on social media from customers stating they would never spend their money in the store again.”

      “All of the rage and frustration had the desired impact fans were looking for and the Steelers are looking to apologize.” Pouncey assured fans and reporters that the Steelers team would definitely be respecting the national anthem and would be present on the field for the upcoming games pre-game activities.

      He assured the public that the team was patriotic, despite the recent show of disrespect: “Trust me. We respect our flag and we respect the military. I think the bigger message was we were trying to stay out of it, that we should unite inside.  It was all about the flag.   It was just a big misunderstanding. 

    Trust me, I’m very sorry to anyone who feels the way we do.   I care about the flag dearly.  Trust me, this team will be out there standing Sunday.”


Do apologies satisfy you and gain back your support?
Do you agree with the coach that most of the backlash from fans come from actions by the media?
Do you accept Pouncey’s explanation that the team’s intent was to participate, but there may still be some players who will act on their own and continue to show disrespect?   

Do you feel that there is a better way to call attention to alleged racial injustice and to ideologically oppose President Trump than to refuse standing and saluting the flag during playing of the anthem at football games?

I would like you to leave a comment so others know how you feel about this issue and suggestions you may have for a better way to show disagreements.

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