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Unfortunately, since the 2000 elections, we have begun to see changes taking place in how our elections are handled.

As a result, many Americans are very concerned about the integrity of the election process.

  • “The People”, not politicians, collected illegal names and cast illegal ballots.
  • Electronic voting machines could be manipulated and create paperless results that a candidate had won.
  • In an attempt to cast a ballot for their favorite candidate, people were going to rest homes and casting ballots for people who were not mentally capable of voting for anyone.
  • And with the 2012 elections, there is little doubt that the President won the election legally.  This means our votes don’t really matter so why vote.

Now we see money coming in illegally to fund elections from countries who have a stake in the outcome.  In other words, the very foundation of our democracy is being trampled upon by the powerful who have backing from the richest people in the world.

So much power is associated with the American elections now, that no common person can run for office anymore, unless he or she is the richest of the rich and has the backing of foreign money (such as George Sorrels and nations I do not want to name).

We have no faith in the electoral vote and the honesty of the computers that record and calculate the votes.  Unfortunately, elections are more of a popularity vote.  I appreciate most of what Dick Morris says in this video.  I think you will understand the numbers better with this video.

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