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The Book: Urban Survival I don’t know how you feel about the security of this nation, if you are concerned about some event that could put the United States in a state of chaos and lawlessness, if you feel a necessity to store food, water, and supplies, then you need to read this book.  I ordered it tonight after watching a promo on the link shown below.  I suggest you use this link and watch the promo also and order the book too if you think it has merit, Look, truth is we do not know what is in store for our future and what could cause chaos to take over the rule of law in America, but I believe there is so much super good information in it that can be beneficial to you in any state of calm or chaos.  I have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PROMOTION […]

“[Trump’s] a brilliant CEO. What that means is he gathers the smartest people around him and then he makes the final decision…with all the billions that could be raised, Trump has a 1/2 Billion, but he doesn’t need a half a billion because he has truth on his side.”

The times we live in today are becoming much more dangerous than ever before so we must pay closer attention to our own nation before we lose everything that matters to us. We know from the news, that the world is being attacked by terrorists. America will also be seeing more attacks from those who want to destroy us. However, you may not yet recognize there are attacks inside our nation that tear at the foundation on which we stand and are tied directly to some of the Amendments of the Constitution that keep us free. As we discuss these Amendments in more detail, you will quickly understand the reason these rights are being challenged by our own politicians…..

You may decide that Agenda 21 and New World Order would be good for America but you would be very much mistaken. In the future, when you live under the repressive New World Leadership, where the United Nations suspends the Constitution of the United States and puts America under International Rule and Enforcement, you will wring your hands and admit you were wrong…but it’s too late then!

Proof that something is up in government is presented in this article and evidence shown that government’s actions mean something nefarious is planned.