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I thought you might find this video comforting as we face the current attacks on our freedoms and to live in this land without compromising our liberty and way of life.

Those who are blindly prejudice towards LDS (Mormons) may not appreciate this message, even though it clearly defines why we are blessed living in this land and why we need to defend the Constitution.

With all technology, bad people can do evil things with it. It’s here so all we can do is embrace it just as we have embraced electricity, television, computers, and smart phones.

We live in times that require a little bit of creativity in alternative homes. Here are some interesting ideas for you to consider.

We must realize that the direction we have been going as a nation is NOT working, so it is obvious that changes need to be made. If you truly believe that God is in charge and that He will save America, then this video should shake you up and even shock you.

People often ask what we as Americans should do about the coming New World Order. The answer is one that many people reject and will not accept this truth as a solution. I have no doubt that , unless we make a change in our perspective and see our own selfishness and corruption, America cannot be saved. It is our own people who are allowing America to be destroyed because of our own expectations and the demands we make on government and society.