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How much do you know about the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its function in protecting our freedom? However much you know or think you know, you will find this video very enlightening and disturbing as well.

Without knowledge we are helpless in protecting our rights under the Constitution, and without knowledge we become slaves to the system. This is NOT what the Founding Fathers wanted for us, and they expect us to protect what they gave us.

  • They expect us to act responsibly with these rights
  • Be accountable to WE the PEOPLE (with whom we are part of ) by exercising our legal rights (as spelled out in the Constitution)
  • Protect the freedom they gave their lives for so we can live better than they did.

Does this mean REVOLUTION? I hope not because nobody sane would want that to happen. We want to trust that our Representatives will to do the right thing for America.  But if they don’t do what’s best for America (mostly doing what’s best for them), then what? Make no mistake, if you become part of a revolution, you can expect the government to relentlessly be in your face and in the face of everyone you care about and love.

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