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Is It Transparency or Blacklisting?

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“What would you think if, before any government contracts could be awarded to private businesses, all bidders were required to reveal any and all political contributions made by the company, its executives and board of directors?”…The Blaze, Obama’s Proposed New Executive Order — Transparency or a Boot on the Throat

President Obama became the talk of the airways for his daring Executive Order draft that makes all businesses submit a record of their donations when applying for a government contract.

Supposedly, the President says this order makes businesses more transparent in their donations. To others, it looks as though he is rewarding only those who contribute to the Democrat Party and punishing those who give to the Republican Party.

Rand Paul said today, “Mr. President, do you have an enemies list?”; referring to the South Carolina case with Boeing and unions, and to this order draft as well. This Executive Order today appears to be the beginnings of an “enemies list” and corruption. I don’t know how it can be viewed in any other way!

Guests on Fox news today, discussed this requirement when awarding government contracts. There is already a law on the books that discloses donations, so why is it necessary to add this new level to the process? Perhaps it’s really a ploy to look deeper into a business’ personal dealings and expose them to preferrance treatment by the government. It’s just another level of corruption as far as I am concerned!

It seems clear to me that this President has no bounds to his intrusiveness and audacity. I’ve never been a big fan of Obama, I just don’t trust him, but I am even more sure now that he intends on becoming a King figure and usurping as much power as he can. I believe he has no boundaries on how far he will go to get his way and to transform America into something we are not.

You’ve guessed right if you think that I don’t approve of the President manipulating donations to the Democratic and Republican cause. It is obvious that he DOES NOT like business unless he needs their money. Really, how else shall I take this newest attempt to hold business hostage by Executive Order to donate or lose getting a contract? We already have laws that monitor donations, and yet the President himself has never produced proof that his donations during the 2008 elections were all on the “up and up” and did not come from foreign donations.

I want to know if there is anything this President won’t do or any line he won’t cross to get what he wants? Wanting to win isn’t a bad trait, but going around the Constitution and forgetting principles of the Founding Fathers in the process is a problem for me. Obviously, Obama does not love the American Way and American business unless it proffers him. I’m sorry, but that is not what America is all about and I am embarrassed to have a man as President with such obvious disregard for the nation.


Tell me how you feel, even if you disagree with me. Give it to me with both barrels and tell me exactly how you see this newest use of Executive powers? I welcome all comments.

Fast forward to 18:17 for the Breitbart story and Obama’s connection with his death.

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