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Judith L. Sherman

My name is Judith L. Sherman 


Founding Fathers Believed People Could Govern themselves if given a chance.


However, Vice President Biden has other ideas for America.


The principles on which the Founding Fathers established this nation is what shapes our character and gives us strength. Especially heartwarming is seeing the American people come together in times of crisis to help each other: such as helping those caught up in the damages of tornadoes in Oklahoma and Texas, as well as the bombing in Boston and terrorist attack on  9/11/2001 in New York.

After 9/11/2001:

You (the American people) were an inspiration to this country, as you came together from far and wide across this nation; united in purpose and patriotism. This was shown in the flags you raised and the songs you sang, in the candles you lit, and the prayers you said.

With heads held high and caring arms spread, you hugged each other as tears were shed. You were a ray of sunshine in the middle of turmoil, and an inspiration when this country was thrust into chaos.

No one did this alone; we did it together! Together we bridged the chasm of grief and despair, and together we face the future. Although outraged for what happened that day, we must remain united to stay strong.

America is on the verge of transitioning into NWO, and it is likely too late to stop it and bring this nation back to where it used to be.

NWO (New World Order) is coming to America. Our complacency and willingness to live on the dole system instead of being self-reliant has brought us to this point.  America, as established by our Founding Fathers, is dying and the evil designs of Progressives are winning.

America’s youth are conditioned to accept this new form of government because they have been indoctrinated since they were very young.  They do not understand why America is special and worth saving. Many of them accept Obama’s CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICA because they don’t know any better. It’s sad that adults didn’t see this coming sooner and had time to stop it.

Perhaps America can be saved but it will require a great deal of sacrifice from all of us to make that happen. It will require a change in our attitudes, huge changes in Congress, and some form of revolution inside the hearts and minds of every citizen–INCLUDING THOSE WHO HAVE COME HERE ILLEGALLY!

Below is a video that gives us something to think about so please listen closely as it explains why we are on the verge of losing the freedoms we have always valued and enjoyed…those days are coming to an end.


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