Winds of Destruction: A County’s Lessons

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Uploaded on Apr 13, 2011

Watching this story could save your life.

Having a plan is going to help you respond better.  It’s not just having a plan, but to practice it so an individual, a family, how to act on the plan and how to respond with that plan.   Have emergency suitcase ready.  For example:

  • Do you have diapers and clothing for the baby and other children?
  • Do you have personal items you and the family will need?
  • Do you have a radio for the news and updates for meeting places?
  • Do you have a plastic bag to keep certificates and important papers — It is important to have a grab and go kit with documents that are irreplaceable?
  • Do you pack a bag of food, water, and medication for three days because you may have to get out suddenly from the disaster area?
  • Do you have a place in the house designated to be strong enough to withstand the force of a tornado?  If you have to leave, go to a building that is well built.  If you can’t find a place close by, then go to the lowest place possible.
  • Education is important, sharing  that information with your neighbors, your family, your  community.
  • It is important to be more aware, especially of media channels: the radio, television, where you can receive immediate information.
  • Remember that individuals, families, communities who are prepared are the ones to respond better to any type of disaster, and who are going to recover faster
  • When you are prepared, you are aware of what can happen and you can come out ahead much sooner because we don’t know when nature will send us the same thing or something worse.
  •  When a disaster catches people in a community by surprise, like the tornado did in Eagle Pass, IT’S TOO LATE TO START MAKING A PLAN.  Whether it is a tornado, flood, hurricane, or man-made disaster, we must be ready to respond and recover from a major catastrophe.
  • Know how to get credible information: the radio and television.

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