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Alex Jones Introduction

Alex Jones Orlando Speech FULL LENGTH HQ  

Blueprint to Defeat The New World Order in Dalles

WARNING:  There is some profanity and rough speech but the message is good.  After all his ranting about our situation, he gets to the point about 6:38 into the video.  He gets really emotional in his speech that could turn you off but I beg you to continue listening.

Published on Mar 3, 2012

Alex took to the road and visited a affiliate radio station in Dallas, Tx. He presented detailed talks and covered the history of the New World Order, its philosophy and mindset, what makes it tick and how we can decisively defeat its plan to establish a technocratic totalitarian world order and prison planet.

Alex has studied the New World Order for more than a decade. His talk in Dallas broke down the philosophy, background and history of the small cabal of elitist controllers who are now coming out in the open and brazenly announcing their plan for world domination in response to manufactured economic and social crises.


  • Globalists compete with each other to see who can be the most powerful.
  • Globalist understand our enthusiasm and creativity and try to capitalized on it.
  • Those who control the world understand that mankind can reach high for their potential.  We understand that we have unlimited potential because of our creation, and that recognizing all this “good within us” and reaching for it empowers us and gives us hope for the future.
  • Our ancestors understood sacrifice and standing for what’s right; that’s the only reason we are here today.
  • “Why does the United States, which is less than 5% of the world’s population have more than 1/2 of the wealth of the world?  Freedom is the reason. It doesn’t mean that our higher level of freedom is perfect, that we didn’t have problems … but compared to every other place in the world, we didn’t have the corrupt elites on top of us trying to shut down human destiny, shut down human ingenuity and creativity because they’re threatened by it; because they want a monopoly; because the United States only had a few glimmers and moments of freedom, we developed the highest test scores, we developed the most scientific developments, we created the media and the literature, and the art and the music that has conquered the world.  The Globalist saw that, they were aware of that, they knew that, and so they did everything they could to take that over…and to take our energies and turn it against humanities.”
  • “SO now America is in a paradox.  America, right here in this center place where we live, make no mistake, is where the battle will be fought. It’s where decisions will be made.  We are the great evil empire, but we are also the great deliverer from the tyranny.  We have to decide who we are. That’s why the struggle between good and evil is being decided here, because we have the birthright of liberty, because we have the basic freedom, because we are armed like no other nation on earth. The Globalists have not taken this Republic!”
  • “You are the 21st Century Paul Revere!  This is not a battle, this is not a war against the British Imperialist Redcoats who had never been defeated.  George Washington lost almost every battle for five years but he persevered.   It was continuing to fight, it was the resistance that was the victory.  And that’s why the system attacks that victory, because it hates it.  Anything the New World Order attacks, you better believe that’s where the liberty is, that’s where the freedom is, that’s what’s good.”
  • It’s not attacked because it’s good, because it’s perfect, but because it’s the heart that’s good.  “None of us are perfect, and the system will try to tell us that we’re bad, that we’re impure and that we’re not good, none of that matters.  It’s our hearts that matter.  It’s what we stand for and who we are in the final equation that matters.  Do we serve the light or do we serve the murdering destructive darkness?  That’s the question you must decide and it’s a decision you must make.  The system tells you that’s not the decision, because the decision is there and that decision is where all the power in this universe resides.”
  • The minute, the second, that you commit yourself to liberty, and freedom and justice, even your body be killed, your spirit truly has victory.  So I say it to you now, we are all Paul Revere, and we are not just fighting for freedom in North America, this is 1776 world wide. …This is a mission we must all carry out!
  • The evil is uncloaked right now so nobody is saying we are crazy when we talk about it but now they say “Fine, but you can’t do anything about it”.   We have power because humanity has power. It’s time for humanity to not lay down but to stand up because evil is coming down on our children. Evil is coming down on our communities, it’s coming down on all of us with their plagues, and all their disease, and all their corruption that they gain power out of.  It’s time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say “I don’t know what’s going to happen at the end of this but if you want a fight, you better believe it, you’ve got one!”
  • People say “they’re gonna get ya,”  He says, “Listen, these enemies are weak.  And the minute you don’t care they kill you, they lose all their power.  I don’t want to die, I love life a lot, I want to stay with my wife and children, but you kill me you  only get this system against you ten times the power and that’s why they haven’t killed me yet…cuz they know it!”
  • NWO is selling our children on trendiness.  Trendies are the “cool people”.  Trendiness actually controls people and makes them think they are special because they are rich and special.  Also, they want to keep people uninformed so they don’t know what’s going on.  If they knew, they might fight it.
  • In the society we live in now, we have technology that is being used right now to track us but we are going to use it against them and talk about the Trojan horse that’s built into it.  When we realize this reality, we can get in the ring with them and understand who we are in the ring with.
  • Fighting tyranny is not work, it is destiny, it’s fulfillment, survival is winning.  Wonderment, realizing how beautiful life is, watching flowers grow outside your house, ants building an ant bed, or watching your children play, this is all incredible and we’re not going to get fulfillment from Globalist brainwashed corporate system.  We’re going to get fulfillment from what it is to be alive on a planet hurdling through space orbiting the sun in the Milky Way galaxy.
  • They’ve already got robot 18 wheeler trucks and robot cars that can drive themselves.  Just like the drones.  An AI, self-aware, autonomous kill drones.  The NWO is taking all your work, all the science you develop, all the things you do, and use them against you. If we can get this turned around before they can get their automated robot system in place, we’ve got a good chance of beating them.  Once that robot system is in place, then it’s time for God to step in.


  1. States are not God and they cannot deliver you freedom or security.  Every case in history, whether Katrina, whether it is what happened in WWII, the State cannot and will not protect you.  The police will tell you they have no liability and no statutory responsibility to protect you.  Does that mean there aren’t great cops everywhere that go out, shoot bad guys and arrest scumbags, and stop people that are out of control?  No.  A lot of times there are good police that do a great job, but on average, they respond 11 minutes after a 911 call.  The State cannot and will not protect you.  And the people on the top of the pyramid do not want to protect you so remember that.  The “mommy state”, anything it gives you is for a reason.  Anything it does for you, in the final equation, has a larger meaning. 
  2. We have to wake up to what they’ve done, get scientific, spread the word, and we’re going to kick their ass.  Wake up means you are turned in to something powerful.  Being tuned in is ugly and many people can’t handle it so they tune out again.  But once you are tuned in you have to wake up others.  Realize that you are on a mission in an amazing time.  The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  It’s a great contest that we’re in, an incredible  struggle against life and death.  The system tells us there is nothing we can do, it’s predetermined but that’s a lie.
  3. The devil’s greatest trick is to convince people he doesn’t exist. If you’re an atheist or whatever you are, the elite (I’ve studied them) believe in the devil.  They believe in Lucifer, they worship Lucifer.  And whether it’s real or not, they are manifesting it in Skull and Bones or Bohemian Grove, or the rest of it.  They revel in hurting innocence.  They revel in hurting children, and everything they stand for is the opposite of what we stand for.   Think about that, think of history before you deny or scoff because those who ignore history are fools.  They will repeat it…I seek not to repeat history.
  4. Realize that you are on the most important mission of missions, and that you represent the survival of humanity and the struggle of good versus evil.  Everything you do you won’t hear it back, at least the first day or the first year, but it will come back to you.  The question is “do you realize it?”  It’s like a rock in a pond. What is that activism doing?  What does that activism say?  What is it going to create in the larger destiny?  That’s the question.  And again, it’s that right purpose, it’s the right commitment.  It’s not that you even think you’re going to save the world by your actions, it’s the spirit of liberty, and freedom and truth and justice, you’re doing the right thing because you are compelled to do it.  That’s an unstoppable order in the world. That’s a transmission, it’s a coded message, that’s a command, that’s a demand, it calling down the power of the creator of the universe.  Nothing can stop that.  You’re not going to find it in these 501C3 sold out NWO churches, you’re going to find it facing evil.
  5. Recognize false paradigms and help others recognize them.  There are countless  false paradigms, and no one’s pure so everything’s false to some extent.  There are false systems of thought, dichotomies, they’re always about division, they’re always about inner fighting, they are always seeking to divide the people;  the goal is to divide people and cause friction among them.   You can recognize them once you are awake, once you have discernment you will recognize them.
  6. Map the artificial habitat protomatrix grid.  A protomatix is a matrix that’s not complete yet.  The matrix movie as I said the terminator, was written again in the 70’s, where the Pentagon talked about all the things you basically see in the Matrix as their own crazy vision: that we’re all plugged into machines, incrementally we’re all being programmed towards interfacing with the machines, buying in to the false reality, buying in to the robot cars, the robot houses, the robot helicopters, the robot drones, the system where we’re displaced from everything and these big automated systems run everything so we don’t have a choice, so we don’t live on the land, so we’re not independent.All the government documents, all the government training, is attacking those Amish, those farmers, those separatists, those people who want to be left alone and grow their own food–they’ve got to be watched, they’re dangerous because it forces you into its system where it controls you.   Realize that, it’s happening right now, it’s part of this dependence control grid that we’re facing.
  7. Don’t underestimate the enemy’s twisted designs.  If you can think of it, they’re doing it.  I played this game at the office.  This is mind blowing to see this happening.   But don’t underestimate your power and the power of action.  I’m going to give you some examples of this.  (He walked into a store to buy water and saw bottled water with fluoride in it and flue shots so he shot a video of these things. People couldn’t believe he got away with it.  They were shocked that no one stopped him.  The point is that, 17 years ago when he was just an ordinary man, he attacked back when he was attacked.  He stood up against it.  He asked questions.  So can you, you are no different as long as you are mission oriented.)  It’s the idea that you’re little, you can’t get things done but it’s a lie…you can, you just do it.  The secret is hard work, research, doggedness, and fearless.  The average person is so disempowered.   You got power, use it.  The universe responds to honor, commitment, and sacrifice.  Be free of fear.  Don’t be afraid to speak up.  Feel free to say what you feel you need to say to expose the Globalist’s plan.
  8. State’s Rights are exploding, nullification of out-of-control Globalist edicts through our Federal Government are exploding, cities from the one in Tampa with a million people to Calgary up in Canada to all over are removing fluoride.  They have the scientists come in and sat seven fold increase in bone cancer, brain damage, here’s all the documents.  They go: “Okay, you’re right we’ll take it out.”  …States like New Jersey and Arkansas are passing laws to forceably fluoridate the water. They can’t kill this message,  you’re there; you’re the future, you are the leaders, you are the resistance. You are the ones standing between us and the New World Order.  Do you understand that?  Do you realize the responsibility?  What are you going to do?  Let me hear your war growl.
  9. Home schooling is exploding everywhere, not just for the Amish.
  10. Police and Military are waking up everywhere and refusing to do gun confiscation drills in places like Arcadia Iowa.
  11. Constructive criticism is given in a loving way.  Constructive criticism is good and I take it from everyone.  It’s usually done in private but you can also say, “what do you think about this?”  You need to know that infighting is the Globalist’s tool.  If you see someone in the group that claims to be with you and then viciously attack someone, then he is not really with you.  He is with the Globalist.  All that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is “for good men to do nothing”.   You can just do something to stop these people.  They’re scared of you, I cannot express that enough.



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