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Teach Patriotism To Your Youth


John Adams – Teach principles of freedom to your children


James Madison – Tyranny under the guise of fighting foreign enemy.


Thomas Paine – Duty to protect        from government

Youth over the past thirty years are taught a different history for America than what I learned in school.  Why?  Because the Department of Education is run by the government who controls what they learn and by what is allowed to go into school books.

History has been drastically altered to include a liberal point of view and to down-play the influence of God on our Founding Fathers, on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and on early settlers.

In Austin Texas a year or so ago, educators had difficulty getting Liberals and Conservatives to agree on what would go into the new History books and what the tone would be for teaching school curriculum. What “the tone would be” means they had to determine how far they could push their politically correct agenda.

Children as young as kindergarten are taught in school that it is normal for some children to have homosexual parents, even though society says it is not normal and believes that lifestyle goes against the basic moral fiber of  Christianity.

To be politically correct, schools have to refrain from publicly mentioning God at school, and from having public prayer at graduations and sports activities.  The pledge of Allegiance (which was done daily when I was in school) is only allowed at certain times and for special occasions–and then some have the gall to remove the words “one nation under god” from the pledge.  Do they really believe they can erase God from our minds?  I think they have already succeeded in do so.

Even the President of our own nation refuses to pledge allegiance to the flag or wear a lapel pin of the flag (although he has a few times when it was politically correct). Although he is their Commander and Chief,  he does not salute the soldiers he is awarding a “Medal of Honor” to and instead, gives them a hug and a handshake.

YES, America is transforming into a nation that most of us old folks do not recognize and can hardly tolerate.  There is little patriotism in America anymore, nor do many people have an understanding of what the flag means or why people shed tears of emotion when they see it or pledge allegiance to it or why they put their hand on their heart when they hear a patriotic song.

In order for New World Order to be assimilated into our society, youth must be re-educated because those of us who know what is being lost will strongly resist.  From an early age,  schools must teach our children to believe that America is NOTHING special or unique, that America was not founded on Godly principles, and that early settlers did NOT come to America in search of religious freedom but for wealth and commerce.

Patriotism is being replaced with values that reject loyalty to traditions and individual needs. As young as elementary school, children are taught that America’s form of government is weak, that Free Enterprise is evil and brings out greed in people, and that it separates poor from the rich — believing “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” because of greed and success within capitalism   They are taught that America is a war mongering nation and attacks other nations for their resources.

Many of today’s youth know very little about Paul Revere, the sacrifices made by our early settlers to become independent of England, and why they settled in America in the first place.  Neither do they understand the commitments made to keep this nation free from the restraints that exist in other forms of governments. I had a video done by Al Gore that was made for small children about kindergarten age that showed nasty America polluting the earth and they need to teach their parents how to take care of the earth.

How can our children feel anything special about their country when it is so evil?  It is no wonder children do not have patriotism.  It is also no wonder that many of our youth do not appreciate the painstaking efforts of our Founders to provide us rights under the Constitution that bless our lives every day; which many of them are now eager to give up for Communism / Marxism/Socialism.

It is plain to see that our youth (America’s future leaders) are being brainwashed by the educational system, even to the point that they are unable to grasps patriotism or understand the reason for honoring our Veterans of war (whom they believe are war mongers).

Please, will you watch these videos with your family and share them with others?  Talk about the precious message in each video, explain why it is important for them to appreciate the freedoms we enjoy, and tell them how the American way of life is better than any other government, and that a huge price was paid for with the blood of patriots.

America’s “Independence from England” gave us the right to stand on our own feet, the freedom to be what we want to be, and to establish the type of government that most Americans want and people in other countries risk death for to come here.

Our youth are smart enough to see that they want more than being in bondage to an evil and dysfunctional government.  Also, they see a chasm the elitists created between the rich and poor that continues to grow bigger every day.

As our ancestors did, they too want more of what God intends for them when they are free to choose.  And, as early settlers did, they realize that it is up to them to change the situation.  They are the generation that can SAVE AMERICA if we educate them at home about the values and principles that make a nation strong and healthy.


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