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The times we live in today are becoming much more dangerous than ever before so we must pay closer attention to our own nation before we lose everything that matters to us. We know from the news, that the world is being attacked by terrorists. America will also be seeing more attacks from those who want to destroy us. However, you may not yet recognize there are attacks inside our nation that tear at the foundation on which we stand and are tied directly to some of the Amendments of the Constitution that keep us free. As we discuss these Amendments in more detail, you will quickly understand the reason these rights are being challenged by our own politicians…..

United Nations armor vehicles are seen on United States roads. Why are they here? With the UN Job posting titled: Department of Peacekeeping Operations, dated May 2014 through July 2014, are you not feeling a little less secure about your freedoms?

We must realize that the direction we have been going as a nation is NOT working, so it is obvious that changes need to be made. If you truly believe that God is in charge and that He will save America, then this video should shake you up and even shock you.