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Upon pondering over recent newsletters from TeaParty.Org, a few questions emerged that seemed important enough for me to post for you to ponder as well. QUESTION: Why is Islamic Socialists Obama hell bent on GUN GRABBING  OUTLAWING BODY ARMOR FOR CITIZENS RIGGING ELECTIONS  REGULATING HEALTH INSURANCE,  AND FLOODING AMERICA WITH MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS?  ANSWERS: 1.   New World Order!  The United States is standing in the way of bringing about “One World Government” and supposedly Obama being the new potentate of power. 2.  “Obama dithers while America withers.”  By watching how President Obama responds to what’s happening in the Middle East, we can plainly see that he plans to bring down America any way he can – even if it means putting our national security (our sovereignty) in grave danger. 3.  Islam (ISIS) goal is to rule the world.  Obama’s actions have finally made it clear to me and to many others that we elected a Muslim (Islamic) President in […]

What I am about to tell you makes my blood boil as it will with you as well when you read this post… although I suspect you already know most of what I’m going to say or you’ve expected it. You ready for this? Well, I wasn’t ready for it at the time I read the email. Ready or not, we must no longer look past what we see and be ready to stand up as patriots and fight down these hideous attempts to take down our nation.