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“[Trump’s] a brilliant CEO. What that means is he gathers the smartest people around him and then he makes the final decision…with all the billions that could be raised, Trump has a 1/2 Billion, but he doesn’t need a half a billion because he has truth on his side.”

What I am about to tell you makes my blood boil as it will with you as well when you read this post… although I suspect you already know most of what I’m going to say or you’ve expected it. You ready for this? Well, I wasn’t ready for it at the time I read the email. Ready or not, we must no longer look past what we see and be ready to stand up as patriots and fight down these hideous attempts to take down our nation.

It’s too late to stop Obama’s promise in 2008 to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA. Most of us likely did not understand what he meant by and could never imagine that he meant NWO and CONVERTING to Socialist/Communist government.