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The times we live in today are becoming much more dangerous than ever before so we must pay closer attention to our own nation before we lose everything that matters to us. We know from the news, that the world is being attacked by terrorists. America will also be seeing more attacks from those who want to destroy us. However, you may not yet recognize there are attacks inside our nation that tear at the foundation on which we stand and are tied directly to some of the Amendments of the Constitution that keep us free. As we discuss these Amendments in more detail, you will quickly understand the reason these rights are being challenged by our own politicians…..

Rumor has it though that the Federal government is laying the groundwork to let the Secret Service start arresting Sheriffs for not enforcing new gun control laws, starting with Colorado.

Jakari Jackson reports: ELECTIONS REVEAL DECLINE OF RACIAL POLITICS yet the recent events in Missouri says the opposite. Is it racial or is it something else that sparks the ills of racism?