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Why do you think this administration is bringing in plane loads of illegals and releasing illegals back into our communities, even those they know have been convicted of violent crimes? Only one thing makes sense, to stack the deck in an election in order to stay in power. Is this the America that citizens fought a civil war for or fought in foreign lands for–giving freedom to people living under tyranny? I SAY NO!

Remember when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Dem, NV) led his team of happy liberals to block filibuster votes? And do you also remember that this was something he would do a back flip on should the GOP retake control of the Senate. Well, here it is months down the road and we see Harry, who is well-known for his lies, doing exactly what he was against. If it wasn’t so ridiculous, I might see some humor in it. In 2013, Reid killed the filibuster rules, but now that his party is in the minority, he has managed to find new respect for the rule.  We know this because he recently claimed, “the filibuster is an indispensable tool of the minority.” How easily Reid (in his arrogance) had the gall to take this option away from the GOP minority just 1 ½ years ago and then essentially demand it be given back to him now that […]

To date, seventeen states have sued the federal government in federal court in Texas. The President cannot use an executive order to ‘UNILATERALLY” suspend immigration laws for 4 million of 11 million “ILLEGAL ALIENS” in the United States. The lawsuit asks for an order from the federal court that “declares the president’s deferred action program violates the Constitution and the APA and grants an injunction against its implementation”.

The crimes of U.S. politicians will NOT go away until something is done about it, rather they are removed from office or charges are brought against them in a court of law. Time and again unforgivable actions, irresponsible behavior or lack of action go unpunished. It may be that these people think they’ve gotten away with it or that we’ve forgotten about what they did but we have not fogotten…and we won’t forget until they are removed from office!