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You may decide that Agenda 21 and New World Order would be good for America but you would be very much mistaken. In the future, when you live under the repressive New World Leadership, where the United Nations suspends the Constitution of the United States and puts America under International Rule and Enforcement, you will wring your hands and admit you were wrong…but it’s too late then!

We think our votes this election year will make a difference and the way this nation is heading.  How can we think this is true when we know the Presidential and Harry Reid elections were manipulated and compromised.  We know the “powers that be“ will make sure their plans are not taken off track by an election. What are the plans of  “powers that be” this election year?  That’s easy! Their actions make it clear what their plans are for us. One World Order WILL BE THE RULE OF THE LAND. The reality of it will be by force if necessary. Government (Obama Administration because they are in power now) is making preparations to relieve Americans of their guns and ammo. Government preparations for civil unrest when they force One World Order on us is as follows: Passing of NDAA in 2012 Obama’s revision of Martial Law Execut ive Order in Peace Time 23 Gun Laws […]

There have been multiple civilian sightings of strange planes landing at American Air Force bases, all carrying UN troops and/or having UN markings (or none).