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America. IS land of the free and home of the brave! This could not be more true now that we live in a time of transition. We need the brave to stand along side in this fight to keep America FREE without coercion from Progressives who want America to be something different.

What Obama said in front of cameras came from arrogance knowing New World Order is close at hand. The smirk on his face came from knowing something the audience doesn’t know: that the whole thing is about to happen because of his work, of which he is very proud.

“[Trump’s] a brilliant CEO. What that means is he gathers the smartest people around him and then he makes the final decision…with all the billions that could be raised, Trump has a 1/2 Billion, but he doesn’t need a half a billion because he has truth on his side.”

You may decide that Agenda 21 and New World Order would be good for America but you would be very much mistaken. In the future, when you live under the repressive New World Leadership, where the United Nations suspends the Constitution of the United States and puts America under International Rule and Enforcement, you will wring your hands and admit you were wrong…but it’s too late then!

Upon pondering over recent newsletters from TeaParty.Org, a few questions emerged that seemed important enough for me to post for you to ponder as well. QUESTION: Why is Islamic Socialists Obama hell bent on GUN GRABBING  OUTLAWING BODY ARMOR FOR CITIZENS RIGGING ELECTIONS  REGULATING HEALTH INSURANCE,  AND FLOODING AMERICA WITH MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS?  ANSWERS: 1.   New World Order!  The United States is standing in the way of bringing about “One World Government” and supposedly Obama being the new potentate of power. 2.  “Obama dithers while America withers.”  By watching how President Obama responds to what’s happening in the Middle East, we can plainly see that he plans to bring down America any way he can – even if it means putting our national security (our sovereignty) in grave danger. 3.  Islam (ISIS) goal is to rule the world.  Obama’s actions have finally made it clear to me and to many others that we elected a Muslim (Islamic) President in […]