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Of course we want Trump to take America backwards: back to a time when people had values, jobs, patriotism, common sense and a willingness to take care of the poor among us and our communities. So YES, please Mr. Trump, take America backwards to restore the America that honors the good in our nation.

Please read the following letter from the TeaParty and then sign the petition. We are living in dire times and we must work with other like-minded people to stop Obama’s plan to take down America. Keep in mind that when it happens, it will be quick (perhaps over night) with little time to do anything. In my opinion, the only option we have is to act now. Tea Party News Important Alert for Tea Party Loyalists VENGEANCE IS COMING LOCK ‘N LOAD NOW! Dear Fellow Tea Party Loyalist, I’m about to reveal something shocking to you. I really thought long and hard but I have to share it with you. I promised you that I would always be forthright and honest no matter how grim or frightening. I’m having trouble believing it myself. My thoughts are filled with the unthinkable acts Obama is planning to commit against our beloved nation […]