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Teachers and Youth March in Washington for Socialism & Communism

One Nation Working Together   Re-post  on May 10, 2011@21:37 from 

Communism is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, where those we trust are hiding among the sheep and waiting to devour them.

Why is Communism and Socialism Growing in America? It is because of Progressive leadership who are indoctrinating our youth in schools and through the Democrat Party.

We have to rid our government of this type of influence if we want America to stay free.

Al Gore is doing his best to promote Socialism/Communism through an organization called “One Nation Working Together“. Just the name of this organization by itself sounds like a great idea and something you would want to become affiliated with, right? And listening to his video posted below, makes you want to join. But this is what I mean about a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”!

If video doesn’t come up then CLICK HERE.

Are you ready to send liberals in Congress packing, who don’t support the American Way of life? Then spread the word and let people know what the Democrat Party and the One Nation Working Together organization represents, and then make sure you vote to send them packing.

Tell your Associates, friends, and family about what the Democrat’s Plan is to convert our nation into what you see described in this post, and then make sure you vote these scums out of office!

Tell all you know why this movement is full of lies. However, voting Republican will not solve the problem either because we have RINO’s in that party as well. Just remind them that it is more likely safer to vote Republican than normally for Democrat.

People, we are in a war over Liberal and Conservative ideology. One side wants to overturn the Constitution and our present form of government and then replace it with something along the lines of communism. No lie, this is a true movement in America today. Look up Look at the groups that support them, and then look up the communist party. You will see it for yourself.

Wikipedia says One Nation Working Together had 400 sponsors who endorsed their rally on October 2, 2010. I suggest you read what it says about the organization.

Thousands Gather at One Nation Working Together Rally, Including 

Oct 4, 2010  Read conservative news, blogs and opinion about Communist, Glenn Beck, Labor, Tea Party and Union from The Weekly Standard, the must read…/thousands-gather-onenationworkingtogether-rally-including-communistparty-usa

See a list of sponsors for the movement:

Democrats, Union Workers, and Communists Rally Together in 

Oct 3, 2010  The lines between the Democratic Party, labor unions, socialist andcommunist organizations, were blurred at the One Nation Working Together…/democrats-union-workers-and-communists-rally-together-in-washington/

Official participant at the ‘One Nation‘ rally: Communist Party USAOct 5, 2010  In this context, the involvement of the Communist Party USA,  But there they were at the “One Nation Working Together” rally.…/ss_politics0978_10_05.asp

Here is a video from that One Nation March on Oct 2, 2010. You decide if this is what you want for our nation. If not, then accept that the Democrat Party is the force behind this movement and it’s catching on at record speed, and then pass along this post.

Look at the groups that support them.and then the communist party.

Executive Committee

The following organizations represent their Executive Committee:
United States Students Association

AFL-CIOAmerican Federation of TeachersCenter for Community ChangeCommunications Workers of AmericaGreen for AllLeadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights


National Action Network

National Council of La Raza


Rainbow PUSH Coalition

SEIU 1199

SEIU: Service Employees International Union


UAW, International Union

I could not find the one video I saw of the One Nation March on 10/2/2010 that had youth yelling profanity and fighting among each other while carrying their Communist Flags. I will continue to look for it and post if I find it.


This organization is persuasive and makes us think it is a good movement. Watch this video and see what they say, and notice that it is supported by teachers and teacher unions. These people are teaching our children. Now we learn that One Nation Working Together is a socialist and communist organization.

Please leave a comment if you remember what Communism was like in the 50’s and 60’s and how we feared them.

If you’ve lived under Communism, please tell us what it was like for you so I can pass it on to the youth. They just don’t know what they are being persuaded to accept.

Here Them For Yourself

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