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We know that Washington changes people when they are there to long, but we just have to keep in touch with them so they know we are watching them. When they know their constituents are paying attention, they will be more likely to do the right thing. At the least, they will write to you and tell you what they are doing. However, when they’ve been there too long and people are complacent, there is no incentive to communicate with us.

Putting the right people in government is easier said than done but we must at least try to vet them the best we can before we elect them. When those we elect disappoint us, when they change and no longer represent our best interest, then we need to recall them as some states have done or tried to do.

The point is that we need to stay on top of what goes on in politics, even though we don’t like it or don’t want to be bothered with it. Doing so is the responsibility we inherited by being a citizen of this nation. There are thousands of people who died and sacrificed a great deal to give us this privilege and we do not have the luxury of being complacent. There are always evil and power hungry men and women who would love to take away what we have if we let them.

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